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Keita from Japan -April 2015 admission

On Nov. 21 2015, I sang on the special stage in Yoshida Ground. It was held in November Keita Portraitfestival of Kyoto University, and the title of my stage was ‘Nishigaki Keita Tenor concert’. Fortunately, I succeeded in singing until the end having many audiences.

It was when I was a junior high school student that I realized how much happiness singing brings me. At high school I belonged to the chorus club and I devoted half of me to sing (the remaining half is of course…). And now, I am a member of Kyoto University Glee Club. As well as singing chorus, I love solo. I can sing more freely, and express myself much better in solo, while in chorus I enjoy the harmony. But there are few chances to sing solo in front of audience, like the one which drove me to participate in November festival.

 Actually, there happened some problems on that day. The pedal of the keyboard used was not set. The place was outdoor and I could not listen to my voice, which made it difficult to adjust the pitch. However, the most serious problem was that I was not able to enjoy singing because of those problems. I am not a professional singer, but an amateur. I must enjoy it. No matter how many problems happen, no matter how low the quality is, I should not give up enjoying to sing. Once I lose the feeling of joy on it, I am disqualified for an amateur singer. This is why I must say that the stage was not so good.

I am going to sing again in November festival in 2016. What I keep in mind for the stage is that I must enjoy singing!! I’ll enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and next try to bring happiness to you. If it is convenient for you in front of the PC, or smart phone, please come to ‘Nishigaki Keita Tenor concert 2016’!

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