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Check before Submission

Download application forms to fill out all of the required information and check carefully before submission!

Name of Applicant (Form A-1) Fill in your Family/First/Middle names as written in your official ID, such as passport. Check if the spellings are correct.
Current Address (Form A-1) Fill in your current full address. This information is very important for you to receive documents from Admissions Office as necessary. In case of any change, contact us immediately.

Educational Background

(Form A-2)

Fill in your entire Primary and Secondary education background including names and start/end dates. Choose either Primary or Secondary for "Type of School". Please note that the graduation date in your Graduation (expected) Certificate must be the same as you fill in here as the end date of secondary education. Do not forget to fill in the total years of primary and secondary education.
Source(s) of Payment of tuition, etc. (Form A-3) Check one or more sources of payment of tuition and fill in appropriate information. This part will not affect on evaluation.
National Standard Test (Form A-4) Fill in the correct name of the national standard test you have taken. Examination date must be later than August 1, 2017.
English Proficiency Tests (Form A-4) Taking TOEFL (iBT or PBT) or IELTS (Academic Module) by mid-August 2018 at the latest is highly recommended. It is essential to send the Official Score from one of above tests to Kyoto University. Score of TOEFL institutional test is not acceptable. Examination date must be later than August 1, 2017. TOEFL takers are required to submit a copy of "Examinee Score Report" or "Tast Taker Score Report" which is available from the website of ETS.
Remittance Certificate of Application Fee (Form C) Make sure to consult with the bank on bank commissions so that payment does not fall short of 17,000 yen. Do not forget to paste the original receipt of the bank. Those who pay through credit card must submit the "Application Completed" page instead of Form C.
Certificate of (Expected) Graduation (Form D) Download the form and print out. This form must be completed by the principal of your high school where you graduated from. *Do not forget to attach a copy of the original certificate of graduation issued by your high school, as well.
Essay (Form E) Write your essay in this Word form. Count the number of words carefully so that the essay does not exceed 1,000 words. (Unless it is within 1,000 words, you may use two pages of the Form E.) Fill in the date, your name and signature below the completed essay.
Financial Plan for undergraduate Study (Form F) Fill out detailed information on your financial plan to complete your for-year undergraduate study such as family support, scholarship, and/or student loan program available from a bank in your country of residence, etc.