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Admission Policy

The Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering emphasizes the building of a solid foundation for learning, under the tradition of a liberal academic environment. A liberal academic environment is one in which students are encouraged to view the world free of preconceptions by garnering a scientific eye. This entails the development of a critical attitude toward academia, and serves as a solid foundation for learning. It is widely thought that the focus of an engineering faculty is largely on applied technologies. However, Kyoto University’s unique approach differs from this general perception and is somewhat unique. In short, the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering adheres to its principle academic approach, which is based on a belief that a deep understanding of the basics will be essential for applying technologies to a wide variety of situations in the future.

During the first and second years after enrolling as undergraduate in the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering, students take general education courses common to all science course students. They are also required to take liberal arts, as well as English and/or other foreign languages. At the same time, department/program specialization begins from the first year, gradually increasing in weight. In the fourth year, students begin a special research project on a specific theme, and are assigned to their chosen laboratory where they are able to conduct their studies in a cutting-edge environment together with graduate students and supervising academics. Students who continue on to graduate school receive a more advanced level of specialized education and research guidance.

Through this approach to education, the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering has consistently turned out graduates who are capable of applying their expertise to a broad range of activities, independently and creatively tackling entirely new challenges, and who possess a deep knowledge base and strict sense of integrity.