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What's on Campus


Kyoto University Library

Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering Libraries / Graduate School of Engineering Libraries

Department of Global Engineering Library

Location: 2nd floor, Faculty of Engineering Building No. 3Library of Global Engineering

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 on weekdays

This particular library has 6 LL booths open for students for language practice or DVD viewing, etc.

There are plenty of English books for specialized area in civil engineering as well as guidebooks for your exploration in Japan and study guide regarding the Japanese language, etc.

Student Lounge "KI-ZU-NA"

At "KI-ZU-NA", international and Japanese students, university staff, professors, researchers etc., can get together to join or organize cross-cultural activities. "KI-ZU-NA" has a salon where students can chat and relax. There is also a reading room (lending library), which provides books for Japanese language learning, books in English and so on. The reading room is equippied with two computers for internet access.
Also, "KI-ZU-NA" promotes cultural exchange through monthly events in which students can participate.



Kyoto University has four cafeterias in Yoshida Campus, and one of those cafeterias is called "Cafeteria Renais". They provide regular meals in variety of cuisines such as Japanese, Chines and Western as well as halal meals for Islamic students with an official certificate to provide halal food. English translation of each dish is available along with the picture and pictogram for the ingredients for those who have food restrictions and allergies. Manager and staff are very enthusiastic to improve the food service so that students can fully enjoy their meals in a cozy atmosphere.

Cafeteria Renais

University Health Service

Kyoto University Health Service

Kyoto University Hospital