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Messages from Students and Alumni

Messages from Students

  • The reason I decided to study at Undergraduate Course Program of Environmental Engineering is that I was interested in environmental problems of the next generation.
  • Students learn a wide variety of subjects from global environmental problems, water quality science, water supply and sewage systems engineering, to solid waste management engineering as well as extensive lab classes. I am sure that you will enjoy fulfilling days here. I recommend those who are interested in the environment to join the Undergraduate Course of Environmental Engineering.
  • There are a lot of brilliant staff and seniors, and a variety of field of research. I am extremely happy to study in such a wonderful environment.
  • We work on issues which enrich our lives although which are usually paid little attention to.
  • Can you imagine what Japan will be like 50 years later? I am making a model to evaluate effects on the environment imagining lifestyles in the future.

Messages from Alumni

  • Extensive knowledge and experiences are is required in the process of finding problems in the environment, figuring out their mechanism, and providing the solutions. Students are exposed to the latest research of their own and even outside of their specialized fields. The experiences you got here will be sure to act as a stimulus and to be beneficial for widening your view.
  • I took several qualifications related to the radiation and the environment during university. Although some of them have nothing to do with my present job, there is no harm in having qualifications. I do not regret studying hard to take them.