Laboratories and Academic Staff

The laboratories that make up the Environmental Course belong to the Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering, Urban Management in Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Socio Environmental Energy Science in Graduate School of Energy Science, Global Environmental Studies, Research Center for Environmental Quality Management, Environmental Preservation Center and the Research Reactor Institute.

Department of Environmental Engineering


Environmental Design Engineering

Development of control technology and treatment technology for establishing a sound material cycle society. Also research concerning the analysis of material flows and energy balance in the environment.

Environmental Health

Evaluating the risks of the effects that hazardous chemical substances and environmental sounds have on people. Also researching the diffusion properties of traffic noise and automobile emissions on the ambient surroundings.

Environmental System Engineering


Water Quality Engineering

Development of water quality control technologies focusing on sewage and wastewater treatment, and behavior elucidation of environmental pollutants for preservation of water quality and creation of a healthy environment.

Environmental Risk Analysis

Evaluating the risks of environmental pollutants on human and ecological health and analyzing their effect on society. Also studying the engineering framework of environmental management for risk reduction.

Atmospheric and Thermal Environmental Engineering

Study of global environmental problems and atmospheric pollution caused by energy and material consumption, and the assessment of the countermeasures for them.

Urban Sanitary Engineering

Research on safety assessment of drinking water, development of advanced water treatment systems, and design new water supply and sewage systems to establish safer, reliable, and sustainable water supply systems.

Environmental Material Science and Technology


Environmental Quality Management (Research Center for Environmental Quality Management)

On all types of pollutants including micro-organic pollutants, investigating the fate and movement in the environment, developing detection and quantification methodologies, and investigating the effects on human beings and ecosystems. Also researches on the methods to control and suppress the emissions of these pollutants in the environment.

Environmental Quality Prediction (Research Center for Environmental Quality Management)

Grasping the structure and predicting the deterioration of environmental substances caused by micro-risk substances in such things as medicines and bio agents. Research the managing technology and the monitoring methods to comprehensively evaluate environmental quality.

Environmental Preservation Engineering (Environment Preservation Center)

Researching recycling models and system analysis of a recycling society based on the waste-substance of society. Also researching the appropriate maintenance of hazardous waste material.

Safety and Occupational Health Engineering (Center for Safety Science)


Environment Radionuclide Science and Engineering (Research Reactor Institute)

Research on fates and global behavior of trace materials (i. e. radioisotopes, stable isotopes and environmental pollutants) released in various environments through human activities.

Radioactive Waste Management (Research Reactor Institute)

Establishing a disposal method to reduce the effects of radioactive waste on society – waste of which was developed from peaceful use of atomic energy. Also research on various related problems.

Global Environmental Studies, Department of Technology and Ecology


Environmentally-friendly Industries for Sustainable Development

Research on the use of organic resources to which carbonizing treatment technology and excrement isolation technology, which are the base of environmental harmony, are key. Also research for methods to incorporate these urban systems as well as research concerning the clarification of ecological response mechanisms of micro pollutants such as dioxins, cadmium and formaldehyde.

Graduate School of Energy Science, Department of Socio-Environmental Energy Science


Socio-Environmental Energy Systems


Energy and Environment

Research on global environmental problems such as global warming, acid rain and atmospheric pollution.