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The Environmental Engineering Course is one of the undergraduate programs in the School of Global Engineering along with the Civil Engineering Course and Earth and Resource Engineering Course. The Environmental Engineering Course was reorganized in 1996 from the Department of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering. The former department was established in 1958, having separated from the Department of Civil Engineering, and has achieved high recognition as one of the top educational and research organizations in environmental engineering in Japan. The education and research activities in the Environmental Engineering Course are currently managed by the faculty members in the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, and the Graduate School of Energy Science.

Environmental Engineering Course History

1897 Foundation of "Kyoto Imperial University", and establishment of "the College of Science and Engineering" including "the Department of Civil Engineering".
1947 Renaming to "Kyoto University" from "Kyoto Imperial University".
1953 Establishment of "Graduate School of Engineering".
1958 Establishment of "the Department of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering" from the sanitary engineering section in the Department of Civil Engineering.
1963 Establishment of "Research Reactor Institute".
1971 Establishment of "Water Pollution Simulation Facilities" at Otsu.
1977 Establishment of "Environment Preservation Center".
1985 Expansion and Renaming of "Water Pollution Simulation Facilities" to "Environment Micro-pollutants Control Laboratory".
1991 Establishment of "the Department of Global Environment Engineering" for graduate education.
1995 Expansion and Renaming of "Environment Micro-pollutants Control Laboratory" to "Research Center for Environmental Quality Control".
1996 Reorganization and amalgamation in "Faculty of Engineering". "The Department of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering" was reorganized and renamed to "the Department of Environmental Engineering" for graduate education, and amalgamated to "the School of Global Engineering" for undergraduate education with other departments.
1996 Reorganization of "Institute of Atomic Energy", and establishment of "Graduate School of Energy Science.
2002 Establishment of the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies.
2003 The Department of Urban and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Urban Management established.
2005 The Kyoto University – Tsinghua University Cooperative Research and Education Center for Environmental Technology established at Shenzhen in China.