To protect our life and health, the Environmental Engineering Course of the School of Global Engineering has been advancing the frontiers of environmental engineering since its foundation, and now boasts the widest and deepest coverage in this field: water environment management, air pollution control, global climate change, soil contamination and remediation, radiation health and safety, waste management, community noise, preservation of ecosystems, risk management, and energy and resource management. To approach these multi-dimensional problems, we integrate field studies, laboratory experiments, and computer simulations from molecular to global scales. Our approach is also unique in that we not only provide solutions to these environmental problems, but also explore the underlying fundamental sciences. From this unique approach, the outcomes of our research activities have been influential to other academic disciplines, governmental organizations, industries, and our entire society. It is Kyoto University's tradition of liberal and academic freedom that makes our unique and integrated approach to environmental problems possible. We will continue our efforts to play a leading role in research and education in this field for the next generation.