In the first and second years, students who enter the School of Global Engineering in Faculty of Engineering learn general education subjects such as foreign languages, social & natural sciences. These subjects are available to all department of Kyoto University. Within their first two years, students are also requested to take fundamental courses offered by the School of Global Engineering to gain a broad understanding of Global Engineering and the basic knowledge necessary to proceed in their majors.

During the transition to the third year of undergraduate studies, the students will be separated into one of three Courses: Civil Engineering course, Environmental Engineering Course and Earth and Resources Engineering Course. About 20% of students in the School of Global Engineering will move on to further study in the Environmental Engineering Course. Students transferred from other schools will enroll in the Environmental Engineering Course from the third year.

Students in the Environmental Engineering Course will be able to gain knowledge and skills to combat various environmental problems from the various specialized and practical classes about the environment that are available. Also, students will be able to experience practical business in environment-related private companies or national and local governments through the internship plan that is offered to third year students during summer holiday.

Fourth year students will start their special research (graduation thesis). Students will study the basics of research with the support of the staff in each laboratories in Environmental Engineering Course, and start researching new challenges of the environment. Students can achieve their bachelor's degree by organizing their research in the form of a thesis.