International Internship in 2016


International Internship took place from August to September in 2016.
Our 3rd-year students experienced on-the-job training at 5 locations in overseas and 4 locations in Japan.


Venue Wakayama City, Japan
Name of Project Onoyama Bridge Construction
Period From August 29 to September 9, 2016
Name of Student JIN, Rui  from China
Jin Photo

First, I think this project is a great opportunity for us to have the chance to actually use what we learned in our school life in the real working site. Also, this is a great opportunity for foreign students, like me, to experience the Japanese company system. I learned a lot about the working routine of the Japanese company, and it would help me with my future decision in job hunting.

Venue Tokyo City, Japan
Name of Project Tokyo Outer Ring Road Central Junction Tunnel Construction
Period From September 5 to September 16, 2016
Name of Student ZHAO,Shiyuan  from China
Zhao Photo

It is very obvious that civil engineering plays an essential role in ZHAO1city management from my experience. The constructionis a combination of early planning and practice afterwards. At the construction site, safety is always the most important thing to be remembered. Additionally, periodical checks are conducted and recorded frequently due to the schedule. It is also a brand new experience to work in a Japanese corporation and experience conventions of Japanese society. Being a foreigner,  I reckon that foreign language is essential during the internship.This internship truly provides me a new prospective in learning civil engineering.


Venue Takatsuki City, Osaka, Japan
Name of Project
Period From August 22 to September 2, 2016
Name of Student ELSAKKA, Hossam  from Egypt

Elsakka Photo


This internship has been a huge eye-opener on the realm of superstructures engineering. It was very cultivating in the sense of knowledge, skills, language, attitude and style. Knowledge, for the uncountable amount of new things I was taught through practical engagement and computer design as well as using surveying equipments. Skills, in managing resources and always thinking out of the box.


The international internship is an excellent window to experience the Japanese working environment in top class global standards. Not forgetting, deepening our prior subjective knowledge from class and gaining much more than that through practical engagement.

Elsakka 1Elsakka 2

Venue Osaka City, Japan
Name of Project EPA PMF 5.0
Period From August 17 to 30, 2016
Name of Student MOHAMMAD, Rosyad from indonesia
Rosyad Photo

The internship was a really great experience to me. I was not expecting to learn a lot about software used on numerical analysis for civil engineering-related problem. Even though I Rosyad Internshiphave a difficulty in learning it, my supervisor and many employees were willing to help. It was also great opportunity to understand and feel how to work in a company. I experienced how to make a presentation about my project, having discussion with many people, and got to know them were also nice. I am sure that what I did in the internship will be useful for my further career.




Venue Sihanoukville,  Cambodia
Name of Project Sihanoukville Port Multipurpose Terminal Development Project
Period From September 1 to September 13, 2016
Name of Student YOSHIKAWA, Takahiro from Japan
Yoshikawa Photo

I learned the works and organizational structure of the construction site through this internship. The main content of the internship was dredging work, concrete casting, quality control, contract, and construction management. I was really impressed by the close relationship between the specification of contract documents and real works. I also understood the way staffs communicate with their colleagues from different countries. This internship was a great opportunity for me to have a clear vision of my future work that could not be obtained through regular lectures.



Venue Hai Phong City, Vietnam
Name of Project Lach Huyen Port infrastructure construction project (road and bridge portion)
Period From September 5 to September 17, 2016
Name of Student KAMATANI, TAkeshi from Japan
kamatani Photo

 Thanks to this internship, I got precious opportunities to see and to feel the actual world of civil engineering in the world. I could learn not only techniques and  knowledge how they apply to the construction, but also what they care when they are participating in international construction projects.

People at the site were really kind and they are willing to tell me about their works, and to give me a lot of advice. Through interacting with them, I was so motivated to study more to become a civil eigineer in the future.

 kamatani 1kamatani 2


Venue Bolikhamsai Region, Laos
Name of Project NNP1 Hydropower Project
Period From August 16 to August 28, 2016
Name of Student  KOSAKA, Takato from Japan
Kosaka Photo

 This internship is so rewarding that I could learn a lot of things

 which cannot be learned in Japan or in university. It was a good opportunity to learn the work of civil engineers especially in overseas construction site. And what I learned can be applied in Japan. Communication and risk management are important in Japan as well, though not so much as in overseas site. Foresee and trust are also keys when I work in the future. I learned that I can obtain experience actively. Consequently, this internship is rewarding for my future. Thank you all for the supports.



Venue Yangon City, Myanmar
Name of Project Sub-Project for Expasion of Yangon Port in Thilawa Area
Period From September 5 to September 19, 2016
Name of Student GOTO, Masato from Japan
Goto Photo

 This experience gave me a very big meaning for my future. Thanks to the internship, I could understand the importance of Japanese engineer when we work abroad, especially in developing countries. We should show local engineers a way how to develop properly, so that they can do it without our help in a future. We, Japan has a well- organized society fortunately.

But, some countries do not. what can I do for them? I had a very good opportunity in order to consider about my future carefully.


Goto Internship1

Goto Internship2 


Venue Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Name of Project The 2nd section of construction of Dalin-Gaogang underground tunnel for 345KV power cable
Period From September 7 to September 21, 2016
Name of Student NAGANO, Kodai from Japan
Nagano Photo1

 I was happy to have this experience. I could study with workers of general contractor and study about shield construction. But the best experience for me was that I could feel the atomosphere of working spaces and how workers behave there.

I think that we could not easily have experience of feeling the atomosphere of working spaces in a foreign country before start to work. working. So this internship seems like a special experience for me.

 Nagano 2Nagano 1