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Course Description 

Academic CareerThis new four-year international course in English leads to a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Undergraduate School of Global Engineering. The course aims to cultivate human resources capable of designing and managing civil infrastructures while considering global environmental issues around urban and regional areas, particularly in Asian and African countries.

In the first three years of the course, all the classes will be given at Kyoto University’s Yoshida Campus (Main Campus). First and second year students will primarily study subjects covering the liberal arts and the fundamentals of the natural sciences, such as fundamental mathematics, physics and Information Processing Basics, etc. Scientific English and basic Japanese lectures are also available. The number of specialized subjects increases substantially in the second semester of the second year. Second and third year students must therefore concentrate on studying a wide range of specialized subjects in the civil engineering fields. In the fourth (final) year, those who have earned a sufficient number of credits will join one of the civil engineering research groups at Katsura Campus, Yoshida Campus or Uji Campus, and will begin the research project for their bachelor’s thesis. The thesis must be submitted and presented in February of the final academic year. Once the thesis is successfully completed, students will graduate in March.

Postgraduate master programs will be opened in graduate schools, and professional education and research opportunities are provided on “Management of civil infrastructure” and “Urban and regional development” in master course and “Human Security Engineering” in doctoral course.