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Alia from Indonesia -2015 admission

Alia facial photographStudying in Japan had been my dream since I was in junior high. Why should it be in Japan, not in other countries? I have many reasons, one of them that I know Japan has the same natural disaster problem as my country, but they can have a step ahead because of the high development of civil engineering area. This is what impressed me the most about this country, how they build buildings, structures, and even a city in a very high efficiency so that it can last long. I really want to learn about this, and I never thought that I would be able to learn it, moreover in Kyoto University, which has the best civil engineering major. I should be one of the lucky students who have this chance.

I have been in Kyoto for 2 months. I can feel the atmosphere of International course by meeting many people from many countries. Besides happy, proud and grateful feelings, of course as a new comer and a first year foreign student, life was not easy at the beginning. Conforming with people life, rules, different academic approach, and weather need adaptation but it is new challenge for me. I’m very happy that I have some seniors that I can lean on when I first came here. It’s very nice to hear how’s life going on from them. Also Professors, teaching assistants for foreign students, and my friends are very nice.

As I thought, Japan is very beautiful, unique, discipline, and neat. I like the way the life flows and moves each day, like people are very busy yet lively. I want to learn more about this country, and get more knowledge that I can apply in my country.

For that intention, I need to study hard to attain my goal someday, so that I won’t waste my time, energy and hope of my country. Even though I have certain aim, of course I also spend some time to enjoy Japan. There are many top visited places here that I can observe. By visiting those places, I also can compare with what my country has, what make them differ, and also what I must do for my country later to make them more valuable.

The last, I enjoy living and studying in here so much, and I hope I still have this chance until I can do something to my own country. I’m looking forward to the next interesting projects in class!

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