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Do from Vietnum -April 2016 admission

Time flies like an arrow; half of my first semester in Kyoto University has just passed. It is going to be an important period to concentrate on the final examination.

Although I do not know what the best moment of my life is, attending classes in one of the most famous universities and teachers, classmates make me feel my future career gate is opening.Dophoto

 Lectures, Many basic primarily study subjects are provided for the first semester of the freshman. Most of them are fundamental and we can be well prepared for the specialized subjects the following years. However it doesn’t mean that they are easy. Deep understanding is required because they contain abstractive subjects and they are difficult to pass. Assignments related to mathematics and physic phenomenon are challenging for me and I strongly believe that their difficulties are going to increase in the following years. Therefore, learning how to deal with those difficult assignments is the most important thing to do in this field .I also think that a civil engineer has to face with many difficult situations in the future.

The professors in Kyoto University are very kind, thoughtful and generous. Not only they let their students academically perform well but also they know how to attract us. They give us variety of exercises and assignment which is challenging for us meanwhile they are interesting as well as creative. They always care about our inquiries and are willing to answer them.

 Students in the ICP class are also really brilliant and intelligent. All of them are able to analyze, interpret, and demonstrate their understandings of complex concepts during the class. I really admire them. I’ve learned a lot from my classmates by working together in group exercises and discussion. Their well-performance in the class is a motivation for me to try as hard as I can to catch up with them and follow the lessons.