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Gabriel from Brazil-2018 admission

Mohallem facial photoJoining the International Course Program (ICP) as a civil engineering major at Kyoto University was one of the best decisions of my life. Before coming to Japan, I was very nervous about moving to a completely different country, and culture, all by myself. I was extremely surprised, however, on the immensurable help, support and kindness, not only from the staff involved with the program, but the Japanese people in general.

The ICP has also given me the opportunity to study under an amazing and diverse roster of professors, from several different countries and backgrounds. The classes I have taken with each professor has impacted me in the way I learn and think, and I believe it has made me grow a lot. The classes are held at the university main campus, which has an amazing infrastructure, and it is located on the hart of Kyoto city. The campus is within walking distance of the major touristic, historical and cultural sites of Kyoto, and there’s always something to explore or experience with friends after classes, or during the weekends.

The friends that I made through the program are one of the most special things about ICP, in my opinion. The program has students from countries all over the world, including Japan. The international students were very friendly and, because we were all new to Japan, we understood each other, and it was very easy connect. The Japanese students were very receptive, and the cultural exchange that we have is priceless. The ICP also offers a tutoring system, in which you are mentored by an upperclassman, which was another great way to make friends and get situated in the University.

I truly believe that the experiences I had while studying and living in Japan, have made me grow so much already, not only as a scholar, but also as a person. Joining the ICP was honestly a life changing experience!

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