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Garrigue from Japan-2018 admission

It has been 9 months since I entered ICP, and my first year has been already filled with Garrigue facial photomemorable experiences. I did not expect it for my university life before my entrance.

The reason why I decided to enter ICP, was because I felt that this course would suit me. I entered a French high school and realized how interesting it was to talk with people from different cultures. I decided to enter ICP to pursue my interest of making friends from all over the world as well as being an engineer. And now, I am pretty sure that I made a good decision. I feel cool to learn with my classmates who come from a variety of countries, which I would not be able to do in the Japanese course.

However, what I experienced in ICP was more than that. Indeed, it is great to have brilliant friends who have different perspectives based on their different backgrounds. But what counts me more is our familiarity. Since we take the same courses, and see each other every day, we have become very good friends. We do some projects apart from studies as well.

One of my most memorable experiences was to run our stall in November Festival. At that moment, my foreign friends were not familiar with Japanese conventions, so it was hard for me to proceed on my work by keeping my foreign friends informed. However, I was rewarded as my friends showed me an immense gratitude at last.

Talking about studies, ICP is also a perfect place to proceed on my studies. As the class is small, for only 17 students, it is able for me to have deep discussions with thoughtful classmates and generous professors. ICP satisfies my academic expectations.

Overall, I feel ICP is a good place for me to have a special university life in such a cultural diversity. I am looking forward to proceeding on my studies here!

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