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Dec 18, 2019

二木さん顔写真ICP was one of the reasons why I decided to go to Kyoto University. This course has provided me the opportunity to learn civil engineering with students from abroad. What is special about this course is that you can take all the classes (except for our second language class) in English and this is not something that you could easily do in a Japanese University. The class size of ICP is small compared to other classes in the regular course, I have developed a strong bond with my classmates which I am grateful for. The friends I made in this course are very special to me and the friendship that we have formed is one of the best things about ICP. We hang out together, work together, and study together, and I believe that I would not have had this kind of bond with my friends if I had chosen a different course. We do extracurricular activities as well and some of my classmates and I have formed a team to compete in business contest. In addition, unlike other courses, we can get close with our seniors and they often help us with not just academically but life in general. The workload of this course may be a lot, but it is definitely worth it because it encourages us to learn more. It has only been one semester and a half, but I have already learned many things that could help me in my future career. Our amazing professors help us in many ways the always encourages and motivates us to learn. To be honest, I was not interested in studying civil engineering before I entered this program, but I am very glad that I made the choice to study in ICP. I feel very fortunate to learn in such an inclusive environment and I am looking forward to the coming next three years of journey with my classmates.


Jul 01, 2019

市橋さん顔写真I had been studying at the University of Texas at Austin for 10 months, and it was one of the best experiences in my life!

I appreciate all my friends and ICP members for this wonderful opportunity. I liked the international environment of ICP; my daily interactions with my international friends and professors helped me develop my English skill and piqued my interest in international cultures. But as a Japanese myself, I wanted to fully immerse myself in a different culture to get the full international experience, just like my international ICP friends did when they came to Japan. That’s why I decided to study in the US.

The University of Texas is in the southern US, so it had people of all sorts of backgrounds. During my time there, I talked to such people about academics, sports, life, societies, foods and so on. I believe these experiences will give me a hint in every stage of my life from now on.

Another impact of my stay at Texas is that I developed the better studying habits. You will say I do not have to go abroad to make the studying habits, but the atmosphere there is generally more competitive than in Kyoto University; everyone is aiming for A. Well, it may be a bit boring to see people competing toward a single common goal, but I think it is important to do your best sometimes, so I decided to take advantage of this atmosphere and work hard for at least one semester. Then, I realized getting A’s for all the classes is way harder than I thought. I had to study hard and efficiently. As a student who experienced both Japanese and American student lives, I think both being stuck behind a desk like US students and gazing vacantly at the Kamogawa (river in Kyoto) and thinking deeply like Kyoto students; are important. ICP is actually somewhere between them.

Moreover, let me say something weird, “I became free by living abroad.” As I experience different cultures, I noticed that the norms and systems I have in my culture are just one of many options. In other words, I realized that cultures and values are relative. Once you realize this, you can get rid of the barriers of common sense and think about everything by yourself. As a simple example, if you think that it is natural to eat dinner at 7 o'clock, you will not even consider changing it, but if you think of it as one of many options, you can think of changing it to 6. When the “common sense” disappears, you can see everything from your own point of view. As thinking becomes free in this way, I became able to create my own value and axis.

Lastly, in terms of testing myself, I faced challenges in living in a new city and meeting new people, but every day was an adventure and full of discoveries. My brain was often overwhelmed by the amount of new information, but now I feel like I can settle in anywhere on the planet. I got so many memories and connections in Austin that I felt like I was leaving my hometown when boarding to the plane back to Japan.

Let me finish this with my professor’s words:

Passport, 5,000 yen. A new winter jacket, 10,000 yen. Studying abroad ... priceless!!!

There are things money cannot buy ... international experience is one of them ...

For everything else, there’s credit card ...

市橋さん写真 最新 

Jul 01, 2019

Mohallem facial photoJoining the International Course Program (ICP) as a civil engineering major at Kyoto University was one of the best decisions of my life. Before coming to Japan, I was very nervous about moving to a completely different country, and culture, all by myself. I was extremely surprised, however, on the immensurable help, support and kindness, not only from the staff involved with the program, but the Japanese people in general.

The ICP has also given me the opportunity to study under an amazing and diverse roster of professors, from several different countries and backgrounds. The classes I have taken with each professor has impacted me in the way I learn and think, and I believe it has made me grow a lot. The classes are held at the university main campus, which has an amazing infrastructure, and it is located on the hart of Kyoto city. The campus is within walking distance of the major touristic, historical and cultural sites of Kyoto, and there’s always something to explore or experience with friends after classes, or during the weekends.

The friends that I made through the program are one of the most special things about ICP, in my opinion. The program has students from countries all over the world, including Japan. The international students were very friendly and, because we were all new to Japan, we understood each other, and it was very easy connect. The Japanese students were very receptive, and the cultural exchange that we have is priceless. The ICP also offers a tutoring system, in which you are mentored by an upperclassman, which was another great way to make friends and get situated in the University.

I truly believe that the experiences I had while studying and living in Japan, have made me grow so much already, not only as a scholar, but also as a person. Joining the ICP was honestly a life changing experience!

mohallem blog

Jan 24, 2019

It has been 9 months since I entered ICP, and my first year has been already filled with Garrigue facial photomemorable experiences. I did not expect it for my university life before my entrance.

The reason why I decided to enter ICP, was because I felt that this course would suit me. I entered a French high school and realized how interesting it was to talk with people from different cultures. I decided to enter ICP to pursue my interest of making friends from all over the world as well as being an engineer. And now, I am pretty sure that I made a good decision. I feel cool to learn with my classmates who come from a variety of countries, which I would not be able to do in the Japanese course.

However, what I experienced in ICP was more than that. Indeed, it is great to have brilliant friends who have different perspectives based on their different backgrounds. But what counts me more is our familiarity. Since we take the same courses, and see each other every day, we have become very good friends. We do some projects apart from studies as well.

One of my most memorable experiences was to run our stall in November Festival. At that moment, my foreign friends were not familiar with Japanese conventions, so it was hard for me to proceed on my work by keeping my foreign friends informed. However, I was rewarded as my friends showed me an immense gratitude at last.

Talking about studies, ICP is also a perfect place to proceed on my studies. As the class is small, for only 17 students, it is able for me to have deep discussions with thoughtful classmates and generous professors. ICP satisfies my academic expectations.

Overall, I feel ICP is a good place for me to have a special university life in such a cultural diversity. I am looking forward to proceeding on my studies here!

Garrigue blog photo

Dec 28, 2017

Yan photo 2017Hello everyone! My name is Yan An, the first-year student from China. I was honored to be invited to the welcome party held by the principle on June 23. I would like to share my experience to you.

This party has been held from 1961. It has really old history. On that day, we had hundreds of international students from different countries assembled, some professors and also leader group of the university. I can see that the university attaches great importance to the party.

At the beginning, we had the greeting from the PresidentYamagiwa. He encouraged us to broaden our view by communicating with the people coming from different country and meanwhile not forget to learn Japanese culture. Then we had the representative of international student to deliver a speech. With the Kanpai word from the Vice-president, the party started.

At the party, we had chance to enjoy some Japanese traditional food such as sushi and sashimi. Also, food from different countries. I even saw some dishes of Chinese food and it was really delicious. After the meal, we watched a dance from “Saikyo Zensen” which is a dance club of Kyoto University. I did not know what kind of dance it was but it was full of artistic appeal. Next, we listened the traditional Japanese music played by a band. It was the first time that I heard this music and I also learned some knowledge about the traditional Japanese instruments like “koto” and “syakuhachi”.

In this party, I had chance to chat with different people. There are really so many international students at Kyoto University. Instructions written in English are everywhere and you will not feel inconvenience using English in Kyoto University. Beside this party, I also joined the trip arranged by the faculty of engineering for international student. I have made a lots of good memories as an international student in Kyoto University and I am looking forward that you could join us and have a colorful life in Japan.

 Yan blog photo 2017

Jun 29, 2017

Time flies, already more than two years have passed since I stepped into the first lecture in Kyoto University and started my campus life. Today I am honored to have an opportunity to talk about producing hoodie here.Satoshi Photo


At the beginning of this year, my friends and I announced releasing our specially ordered ICP hoodie among our course members. This hoodie can be seen in the pictures below, which has pale navy color with our university symbol on it, and specially-designed pictures in the back. You may see four figures which represents our four branches of civil engineering department, namely “Geotechnical Engineering”, “Infrastructure Planning”, “Structural Engineering”, and “Hydraulics”. Each picture such as bridges or water waves shows what kind of fields each branch deals with. We are commonly known name ICP as the abbreviation for International Course Program, also we take pride in.

In fact, this project was started one year ago during my home party charting with my friend’s. We want to produce something which all ICP students can share, and we conclude one of them is hoodies because hoodie can be worn at ease in our daily lives. It took months to complete the cloth design and announced everyone. Actually we were surprised but so glad that so many classmates as well as professors kindly ordered our hoodie. It counted more than half of the total ICP students.  


The first impression of the actual design and touching feeling was much better than we have expected. Everyone seems to like our hoodie. They wear in their campus life as we wanted. Another picture below is one shot when our professor had his hoodie at the office. This is really interesting and I love seeing that both professor and students wear the same casual hoodie here in Japan.


Finally, I am really looking forward to seeing you here in Kyoto, share our spirits, and have a picture wearing this hoodie.



Jun 19, 2017

Sepyan Photo

Hello everyone, my name is Zulfikar Muhamad Sepyan called as Viki who is an Indonesian and 19 years old.  I would share one month experience in Kyoto University with pleasure.

I arrived in Japan on April 3rd. Honestly I was so excited to feel Japanese ambience for my first time. Anyway, thank Kyoto Daigaku (Kyodai)  for getting me a tutor and the guidance perfectly to manage my documents as a new comer which giving me amazing feeling . As I expected, every single piece of my documents could be completely organized by the officers.

Furthermore, when I attended the guidance class that informing about what-to-do for my first time in the university, Kyodai gave me complete information about that. It is clear that Kyodai has lots of experience to look after students even for whom cannot speak Japanese at all, like me. However, those were still not beyond my expectation.

On April 10th, I was faced with my daily University activities: such as attending in the classes. The class would be easily searched and I could reach the university from my place on time, or even earlier, considering Japanese morning classes start later than one in Indonesia, that what I thought. However the reality was not as easy as I thought. Actually I got late and lost. The reason I woke up late was jetlag phenomenon (Japan’s mean time is 2 hours faster) and It was heard for me to read the classes’ locations written in Japanese.

That was such a terrible experience of mine as I represent my country. So I pushed myself to be punctual afterwards. Unfortunately, the jetlag phenomenon stuck for a while and I became so much worried because I do not speak Japanese well. Fortunately my classmates were so benign; they would tell me the location of each class before it starts .

Talking about classmates, to be sure that they were so kind (and this really is beyond my expectation). I thought the international class would be filled with pupils from diverse countries. The real condition said it was not: I am the only student who does not speak Japanese in my class. Moreover , I was the only student in Japanese Elementary A class, the most basic Japanese class.

I was frustrated and lonely; those mixed feelings were deep inside my heart. Nevertheless, it was over and it was changed after a week following those classes’ flows. I realized that professor seemed understanding my feeling. Because they ask every single pupil to be active in classes and eagerly forced us to speak English always. Plus, my classmates who were so delight always willing to help in Japanese affairs. Thanks, my fellow sensei and tomodachi!

All in all, even though you have the same feeling as mine, I suggest not to be afraid of taking your first step on Kyodai. Although you need to start it over from beginning, always try to keep it in your mind, you have many people giving you a hand. I also think that Kyoto Daigaku fits with its abbreviation, “Kyodai”.  As Kyodai means “siblings” and Kyoto Daigaku has given me such siblings in Japan.



Sepyan photo for blog


Jan 27, 2017

Sakr photoIt’s been over nine months since I came to Japan, and I’ve already made lots of great memories. One of my best memories over the past year is going to Shirahama last summer. Located in the southern coast of Wakayama prefecture, Shirahama is famous for the white sand of its beach, and for Adventure world; a theme park and zoo which has pandas! We went there by train, and the journey took over four hours. I especially enjoyed watching the Japanese countryside during the train trip.

After we arrive at Shirahama, we bought lunch boxes, and headed to our lodging, “Kyoto Daigaku Shirahama Umi no Ie”, or Kyoto University Shirahama Sea house. After settling in our rooms, we had lunch, and went to the beach. Later that night, we lit fireworks, and made Pasta for dinner. Cooking enough food for 13 people was no easy feat! After dinner, we watched a horror movie, which was more funny than scary in my opinion. After the movie, we turned in for the night.

Next morning, we packed our bags, had breakfast, and left the lodging. On our way back to Kyoto, we stopped by Shirahama aquarium, which was free for Kyoto University students. We saw all sorts of strange fish and aquamarine lives, which was really interesting. Afterwards, we hanged around the beach for a while before leaving to catch our train back to Kyoto. I’ve really enjoyed my (short) stay in Shirahama, and I’m definitely going to visit it again in the future. 

Photo of Sakr' s blog







Jan 05, 2017


November Festival was held in November 19th-22nd. We had a booth and sold pasta. It ended successfully, but we had a lot of troubles behind its success.

 It was in October when we started planning to serve pasta. A new semester had just begun at that time and we had a lot of homework to do. Although we were so busy, we had to try making pasta and check its cost, taste, appearance, …etc. We managed to arrange our schedule and had a test-cooking meeting at Misasagi international house. I was hoping we could finish it in one hour, but actually it took half of the day. We tried so many times..., and finally we were able to make great pasta!

 In the first day of November Festival, we got together at 8 a.m. (even daily first classes start from 8:45!), and we prepared for opening the booth. After that, we worked hard to sell pasta, but there were few people who bought our pasta. We tried to find out solutions: using sign board, showing samples … and so on. Because of changes we made, many people got interested in our booth and we were able to sell a lot of pasta! On each day, we sold all the pasta and this makes us really happy.

 Managing a booth was really a tough work for us, but we had a lot of fun. Thanks to nice leaders, reliable friends, kind sempais (actually, some of our sempai helped us during November Festival), and all the people who involved with our booth, we successfully finished our booth. I heard this was the first time for ICP students to have a booth. Trying new things is always tough, but it’s also always fun. I’m sure we ICP students can keep going ahead with awesome friends!  



Nov 30, 2016

 On the June 18th, I took part in the Welcome party for the foreign students in Kyoto University. This essay is just about some interesting stories during the party and my expectation for my university life.

When I received the notice of the party, I was very excited and looked forward to it. Because I am keen on making friends and the president attends the party. Moreover I received the mail to ask me whether I would want to be the representative to answer the question, to be honest; I was very surprised to be chosen as the one of five representatives to answer the question. Even though it is my honor and I was proud of myself, I was nervous. It is a good opportunity but also I have to talk to hundreds of foreign students and the president. The question that why I choose Kyoto University was most common question for all of students in the university also it was the most valuable question if we want to spend an unforgettable university life, it is the most important problem for us.langphoto1

I decided to further my study in Japan in my high school. When I was 12 years old, because of the interest to the Japanese culture, I chose the Japanese class in my school. In the process to choosing Japan, my tutor in my high school and my parents influenced me a lot. My tutor is an experienced, kind person and she taught a lot of students who study in Japan so she gave me good suggestions. My parents supported me financially and mentally as well. We should know what we can get from Kyoto University and also what we can give to the university. So as I answered in the party, I want to challenge the new environment and improve me in Kyoto University. In the Interview, I have not only talked about my viewpoints on the question, but also heard other ideas from my foreign friends. They come from different countries such as the United States and Indonesia. They have the own story for why they chose Kyoto university but the same point is that they like Kyoto very much. In the conversation before the interview, I knew I was the youngest representative among the five people even some of them are in graduate school.

I prepared a lot and I thought the interview went well.

In the party, as I thought, I met many friends from China, Indonesia, the United States and so on. We took photos; cheered, chatted for the university life and enjoyed the show “kendo” impressed me most. The party was significantly successful. In addition, the food was more than I expected they are delicious and various. I like sushi best and in fact, after the party, we all appreciated Kyoto University to give the excellent party, especially the delicious food.

 I expect all of us can really fulfill our dream after the four year in Kyoto University.



Jun 07, 2016

Time flies like an arrow; half of my first semester in Kyoto University has just passed. It is going to be an important period to concentrate on the final examination.

Although I do not know what the best moment of my life is, attending classes in one of the most famous universities and teachers, classmates make me feel my future career gate is opening.Dophoto

 Lectures, Many basic primarily study subjects are provided for the first semester of the freshman. Most of them are fundamental and we can be well prepared for the specialized subjects the following years. However it doesn’t mean that they are easy. Deep understanding is required because they contain abstractive subjects and they are difficult to pass. Assignments related to mathematics and physic phenomenon are challenging for me and I strongly believe that their difficulties are going to increase in the following years. Therefore, learning how to deal with those difficult assignments is the most important thing to do in this field .I also think that a civil engineer has to face with many difficult situations in the future.

The professors in Kyoto University are very kind, thoughtful and generous. Not only they let their students academically perform well but also they know how to attract us. They give us variety of exercises and assignment which is challenging for us meanwhile they are interesting as well as creative. They always care about our inquiries and are willing to answer them.

 Students in the ICP class are also really brilliant and intelligent. All of them are able to analyze, interpret, and demonstrate their understandings of complex concepts during the class. I really admire them. I’ve learned a lot from my classmates by working together in group exercises and discussion. Their well-performance in the class is a motivation for me to try as hard as I can to catch up with them and follow the lessons. 


May 06, 2016


It has just been about three weeks since we all first met and started attending the classes but it feels like it’s been months already. I am saying this because I have learned a lot in these three weeks. Perhaps, of most significance of these learnings in three weeks are three things.Isabella from Philippines -April 2016 admission

First, for me, life here has been an exciting adventure -- from walking or biking around the campus to searching for tasty treats and activities to try with my friends. Before coming here to Japan, I was worried about how challenging my university life would be as I expected to attend difficult classes and to be surrounded by a different language and culture. But not even a month has passed, my worries eased because people I have met are so friendly, understanding, and have really all been so helpful. Furthermore, Kyoto is very beautiful with the vibrant colors of nature and its rich culture, making it all the more a very pleasant place to study in and explore. Since my arrival, my friends and I have been attending Hanami parties and picnics along the Kamo River, going around the city for ramen, gyuudon and other Japanese foods, visiting landmarks like the city zoo, and even travelling all the way to Himeji Castle in Hyogo Prefecture along with fellow international students. Indeed it has only been a short time but we have already explored so much. It goes without saying that I really look forward to even more adventures in the next four years.

Secondly, the professors and students of the International Course Program (ICP) make up one supportive extended family. Members of this big family help each other understand different concepts, making learning an enjoyable experience. All of the classes are interesting and I am sure everything that we learn will be of use in the future. Some topics can be tricky at first, but our considerate professors explain patiently well. Aside from this, international students also get various opportunities to interact with Japanese students. Thus, we get to learn various cultures and useful expressions not only Japanese but also numerous languages. I feel happy and blessed to be a part of the ICP family.

Lastly, I have been learning to live independently. Being away from my family is not easy because I have to make decisions and do things on my own. But this is a good chance for me to enhance myself. I sincerely thank ICP for this opportunity to begin a new life adventure with my new extended family as I hope to grow and realize my dreams.


Mar 23, 2016

The two-day field trip ended in last week is really exciting and fruitful. It may sound little Wei portraitexaggerated, but the trip turned out to be an eye-opener for me.

On the first day, we went to the construction site of Shin-Meishin Expressway (New Nagoya-Kobe Expressway) which is planed to solve the problem of traffic jam around the areas and to function as an alternative choice when the natural disasters occurs making the original one unable to use. The protection of historic remains around construction sites is very thorough and the constructing technique is very interesting, e.g. transfer timbering. After this, we went to E-Defense, a three-dimensional full-scale earthquake testing facility which is contributing to the data-collection and simulation for earthquake. On the second day, the tour to AkashiKaikyoBridge, the bridge possesses the longest central span, again, astonished me. Especially the fact that because the towers have been moved due to the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the engineers still managed to build the bridge by adjusting the location of towers and increasing the span of the bridge by 3.3 ft. At the end, we visited the construction site of tunnel in Tokiwa, Osaka prefecture, which is my favorite part of the trip, since I am kind of acrophobia, no place else can make me feel better other than the underground, XD.

Besides the filed trip, in spring vacation, I also joined a special seminar for ‘Introduction to Education’ in Shirahama with the professor from the Department of Education and other friends from various major. We discussed about some topics such like ‘Global Communication’, ‘Deep Learning’ and ‘English Skills’, which can also be a great help for my study life in Kyoto University hereafter.

 (P.S. The sea-food rice sold by the restaurant near the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is really delicious and cheap!!!)

 Wei photographs

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Mar 01, 2016

On Nov. 21 2015, I sang on the special stage in Yoshida Ground. It was held in November Keita Portraitfestival of Kyoto University, and the title of my stage was ‘Nishigaki Keita Tenor concert’. Fortunately, I succeeded in singing until the end having many audiences.

It was when I was a junior high school student that I realized how much happiness singing brings me. At high school I belonged to the chorus club and I devoted half of me to sing (the remaining half is of course…). And now, I am a member of Kyoto University Glee Club. As well as singing chorus, I love solo. I can sing more freely, and express myself much better in solo, while in chorus I enjoy the harmony. But there are few chances to sing solo in front of audience, like the one which drove me to participate in November festival.

 Actually, there happened some problems on that day. The pedal of the keyboard used was not set. The place was outdoor and I could not listen to my voice, which made it difficult to adjust the pitch. However, the most serious problem was that I was not able to enjoy singing because of those problems. I am not a professional singer, but an amateur. I must enjoy it. No matter how many problems happen, no matter how low the quality is, I should not give up enjoying to sing. Once I lose the feeling of joy on it, I am disqualified for an amateur singer. This is why I must say that the stage was not so good.

I am going to sing again in November festival in 2016. What I keep in mind for the stage is that I must enjoy singing!! I’ll enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and next try to bring happiness to you. If it is convenient for you in front of the PC, or smart phone, please come to ‘Nishigaki Keita Tenor concert 2016’!

Keita blog photo

Feb 03, 2016

After getting over another stressful final week and multifarious moving procedures, finally Zhuora portraitthere awaits a two-month holiday, also a pretty good time to recollect details in the past two semesters.

 Kyoto city has beautiful sceneries as a quiet countryside, yet it still retains many functions that can only met in modern cities, probably because of its restriction of heavy industries. Another consequence is that the weather is always so delightful, you can always see clear sky, bright sunshine and white clouds as well as feel the gentle breeze. It's pleasant riding around but sometimes slopes kill half the joy. There are many temples and shrines – I prefer the expression “you can always find another one between any two of them” – each with a different style and view. Along with cherry blossom and red leaves, it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

 Compared with China, I think life in Kyoto is free and friendly. Japanese are so polite – sometimes they would apologize even if you offended them carelessly. Everyone on the street seems energetic and optimistic, they always wear tidy suits, and no matter walking or chatting they crush me with the impression of trying to enjoy life here. Facilities are old but well maintained, so you can hardly see them age. Years of maintaining brings perfect combination of people and common facilities, and that makes life easier and more enjoyable.

 It should be one of the best memories receiving a higher education in Kyoto. The International Course Program, aka ICP, is a little bit different from normal courses. Class is taught in English, that’s international standard. Also there are less students in our class, making it easier for student to receive one-to-one private guide from professors. Schedules are carefully designed and cover a very broad range – as a future civil engineer, we will learn basic math, classical physics and computer technics as well as other professional courses. One “side effect” is such that many courses are difficult, not mention they are taught in English. Some courses are hard to pass, and that requires hard work. But that is what top universities like, isn't it? I can tell I really learned something that would be useful in the future.

 The teachers are all professionals. Some of them are extremely conscientious, they not only teach us the class but also tiny but important skills such as how to make presentation and how to write emails to professors. Textbooks are mainly American ones, start from simple and familiar concepts and then goes deeper and deeper, with many examples and exercises.

 Classmates are very smart and always willing to help. We organized study groups to review and do pre-study. On holidays or someone's birthday, we send small presents and hand-made cards. Japanese are sometime conservative, but there are always guys from aboard that get us to parties and have fun. That is an advantage of a small class but containing students from differ cultures.

 We follow strict but simple schedule. School begins on 4/1 and 10/1 every year and lasts precisely 4 months. During every semester except weekends there are many small holidays. They are fixed days but always come as a surprise for students so that they got another day to rest. Every school day follows the same time table, neither starts too early nor too late.

 The campus is not very big but is very beautiful. Trees and plants and bicycles everywhere, all buildings have a special style. Cafeterias are very convenient, menus are all specially designed with details such as calorie level, and they change it every a few weeks. The library is unimaginable powerful. With our university ID we can access to nearly every book and paper and check them anytime, anywhere. We also have this entertainment room with newest high-end media equipments and tons of CDs and DVDs.

 Zhuoran photographs

Jan 07, 2016

It has been more than one year since I came to Kyoto. During this period of time, I Yin portraitstarted to feel the peace of Kyoto, experience the culture of Kyoto and gain knowledge in Kyoto University. Being a member of Kyoto University has been my short-term dream since I was in high school and I have achieved now. And I will continue to realize more dreams here.

 Lectures, which are provided in English, friends from all over the world and professors, top researchers in each field, enable us to have an amazing learning environment. In addition, our course offers more chance to communicate with Japan companies so that I got what I should do for my future life. Beyond studying, what impressed me most is its splendid campus life.

 I attended a family program which was organized by KOKOKA (Kyoto City International Foundation). Those KOKOKA families (local Japanese families registered for the family program as volunteers) play a role as advisers for me, foreign student, and let me deepen our mutual understanding by spending time together. By this activity, I can ask everything that I am worried or want to know about. Moreover, I also enjoyed Japan traditional festivals together. They introduced the past history of those festivals and invited me visit many temples such as TOUJI and NIJO Castle to teach me the history of Japan. What’s more, I also had chance to taste many different countries’ dishes including those Japan traditional food which were recommended by my family. During this period of time, I furthered my understanding Japanese life and history.

 In all, study in Kyoto University can not only provide us a study full of  challenges, but also provide an interesting campus life. My goal is to pursue knowledge in the region of civil engineering and enrich my life experience. Even though I am the fresh this year, I have already been ready for the coming challenge and looking forward to it.

Yin Photographs

Nov 30, 2015

Kyoto is a city overflowing with rich culture and history; a university­ is a place enchanted Meng-Heng portraitwith great knowledge and freedom. The two makes one of the best places to pursue knowledge and enrich life experiences. It has been a little over seven months since I began my studies here in Kyoto University, and each day went by fast.

For the past seven months, I have juggled between studying, playing, and living out life.  The workload at Kyoto University is not light, but you can always find time to have fun and enjoy life. Perhaps this is the university’s way of upholding its philosophy for students to have freedom.

Beyond studying, I also have been spending time with the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. It is an outstanding orchestra that strives to make each piece perfect. As an intermediate musician, I still have a long way to go before I can catch up with their performance. Being a first-year in the orchestra, I could only take part in small recitals and help out the stage management in concerts. I look forward to tone my music skills and become a performing member of the orchestra.

As the first semester ended and summer vacation began, life finally slowed down. I was able to take it easy for the two months. For the first few weeks, I went sightseeing in Kyoto, witnessing the rich culture of the city with my own eyes. From the ancient temples to the scenic landscapes, Kyoto is truly a beautiful city. And as the summer holiday came to an end, I lightheartedly welcomed the new semester and thought to myself, “It is wonderful to be here.”

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Oct 09, 2015

I joined World Humanitarian Summit Global Youth Consultation in Doha, Qatar on 1st-Aulia Portrait 20152nd of September 2015. It was my 3rd time to join such international youth forum in this year, previously I joined ASEAN-Japan Youth Forum in Indonesia and United Nation Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Sendai. This was my first time to visit Middle-East Country, thanks to all the sponsor team who paid our travel expense and accommodation in Qatar, I really had a good time during my stay in there. The first thing I noticed was the difference in temperature. Kyoto's summer is hot, but Qatar is much hotter, the temperature is above 40, and it may reaches until 50 Celsius degree. I arrived in Doha on 31st of August 2015, so I had time to travel around Doha City. The good thing about joining such forum is that we can get many new friends from all over the world and also improved our experiences and knowledge. I visited Museum of Islamic Art and famous traditional market in there.

This consultation, facilitated by United Nation Major Group for Children and Youth and Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), was aimed at engaging youth from different backgrounds and experiences to discuss where youth stand in the current humanitarian landscape, what they can provide, how to maximize their potential, how they can have stronger voice in humanitarian issue. Some panel discussions included humanitarian effectiveness, serving the needs of people in conflict, transformation through innovation, and reducing vulnerability and managing risks.

From this forum I learned many things, which I did not get in university. I realized there are many conflicts in this world, and youth can play critical role to help solving those problem. I met many friends from conflict area, such as Syria, Palestine, and Africa. I heard their stories; I felt they did a lot of things to save their community. For example, in Africa, many people became victim of Ebola disease. Some people died from this virus, some of them have been cured, but they lost their education, jobs, etc. some youths engaged their community, some activities they did for example: spread the knowledge of Ebola, give psychosocial support for children, orphan, collect the voices of people and tell to government official and United Nations, etc. They also told strong message to us.  “Please help us to act from now on, otherwise we will have a generation without education in near future!” Another story from Palestine. We know Palestine-Israel conflict has not stopped until now. But I want to focus on the children who became victim. They lost their family, home, school, hospital, and other infrastructure. Even so, they did not lost their motivation to continue study. They studied in the open-air classroom with high-spirit and enthusiast. I really hope the best wishes for their future.

While after this conference, I realize I am so lucky to have good chance to study in good university, in a peaceful place. It will be bad if I am lazy to study, remembering those children who do not have chance to get the education. Therefore I have to study much harder, to be professional in the future, so with the knowledge I have, I can help other people too. One of the panelist said, “Those smiling face of children make us never tired to try our best to help them”. Education for children is a great investment. I really wish I could help the children and youth in conflict area to have better access to education in the future. It is our role, as a youth, to make this world become more peaceful from now on.

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Sep 07, 2015

 For two weeks in August during my summer holidays, I had my internship at WakayaSamuel portraitma Prefecture under Kajima Corporation. Kajima is one of the biggest construction companies in Japan and having been accepted on their site was an honor for me. The site was for a bridge construction as part of the Highway from Kyoto to Wakayama through Nara. I wish to major in bridge design and construction during my master’s course so for me this was the perfect internship.

While at my internship, I met some of the kindest and understanding people from the company. Both the engineers and the workers at the field tried their best to communicate with me despite the language barrier when it came to technical terms.

I had the pleasure of seeing what goes on inside a Japanese construction company both inside and outside the office. The Director of the site, Mr. Tanaka was very generous who went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and welcomed during the period of the internship. I not only got to learn about bridge construction but was also got a rough introduction to tunnel construction from a nearby site. By the end of the internship, I felt like I was already a member of the company.

Overall, it was much better than I expected and if it motivated me to do my best in my studies so as to join Japanese Company in the future.  I hope to visit my internship site once it is completed and see what amazing progress has been made.

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Aug 08, 2015

It’s been almost four months and half, four months and half of discovering, learning, and knowing how I was very lucky to Omar portraitcome to study here. The day here is not just a day, it is an experience, or a story. In Japan you will know exactly the meaning of “studying and enjoying at the same time”. Japan, this magic pearl of Asia, which always inspires the world with its technology and solving problems with a very smart way.

 Studying civil engineering was the biggest dream for me. I believe that Japan is the best place for this major. As you know, Japan is located a critical place, even though it stills the safest place on the planet because, in Japan, every problem has always a solution. Here you will learn how the people can face the problem and you will learn how to find a solution.

 Studying in the International Course, is really a very good opportunity for anyone. The course is really benefit and effective. The university here always tries hard to improve our skills and prepares us to be the best civil engineers in the world. In this university you will know how studying is really interesting. The professors here are amazing. Every professor tries hard to give his experience to you. For me, I feel like it is a relation between a father and his son not a teacher and his student. They really care about us. University life here is amazing and you will discover your talent here. There is always a place for you in a club or a circle. Also, Kyoto University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This university tries to make a perfect generation for building and improving this planet. Studying at an international university always offers you to learn more about other countries and other cultures.

 Anyway, it is not the end of my dream to study civil engineering. However, I have to study, because it is just the beginning of a new dream to graduate and share my knowledge with the world.

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