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Jun 01, 2015

Alia facial photographStudying in Japan had been my dream since I was in junior high. Why should it be in Japan, not in other countries? I have many reasons, one of them that I know Japan has the same natural disaster problem as my country, but they can have a step ahead because of the high development of civil engineering area. This is what impressed me the most about this country, how they build buildings, structures, and even a city in a very high efficiency so that it can last long. I really want to learn about this, and I never thought that I would be able to learn it, moreover in Kyoto University, which has the best civil engineering major. I should be one of the lucky students who have this chance.

I have been in Kyoto for 2 months. I can feel the atmosphere of International course by meeting many people from many countries. Besides happy, proud and grateful feelings, of course as a new comer and a first year foreign student, life was not easy at the beginning. Conforming with people life, rules, different academic approach, and weather need adaptation but it is new challenge for me. I’m very happy that I have some seniors that I can lean on when I first came here. It’s very nice to hear how’s life going on from them. Also Professors, teaching assistants for foreign students, and my friends are very nice.

As I thought, Japan is very beautiful, unique, discipline, and neat. I like the way the life flows and moves each day, like people are very busy yet lively. I want to learn more about this country, and get more knowledge that I can apply in my country.

For that intention, I need to study hard to attain my goal someday, so that I won’t waste my time, energy and hope of my country. Even though I have certain aim, of course I also spend some time to enjoy Japan. There are many top visited places here that I can observe. By visiting those places, I also can compare with what my country has, what make them differ, and also what I must do for my country later to make them more valuable.

The last, I enjoy living and studying in here so much, and I hope I still have this chance until I can do something to my own country. I’m looking forward to the next interesting projects in class!

Alia Blog Photo

May 08, 2015

Youngmin photo It has been nearly a month since the entrance ceremony, and I am quite surprised to find myself pleasantly studying through the holidays for classes. Last day of Golden Week ended roughly twenty hours ago, having filled mostly with the preparatory meeting for the presentation in "Exercises in Infrastructure Design." The class aims to improve first year students' understanding in civil infrastructure through lectures and student-oriented presentations. This time, my group decided to introduce the concept of viscosity and characteristics of viscous fluids, on which the study of hydraulics focuses. For better understanding of the difference between inviscid and viscous fluids, we have used Bernoulli's theorem for inviscid fluids to describe that the conservation of energy is kept constant in the Bernoulli's equation, and how the energy loss occurs when a closed system deals with friction caused by the viscosity of a fluid. As the study of hydraulics is a major-specific course designed for second year civil engineering students, my group tried to keep our explanation as succinct as possible.
When such task is over, the sense of fulfillment from successfully completing a university level task is quite distinctive, and it serves as a great source of motivation for further studies. For such reason, I hope to fully utilize the "freedom of academic culture" in my stay at Kyoto University.

Feb 27, 2015

wang facial photographAs time flies, my fourth year in Kyoto University is about to end. I would like to share my experience in this year.
Since the end of April last year, I have been affiliated to the structural mechanics lab and started my graduation research. Different from the first three years in the undergraduate school which were filled with fully scheduled lectures and tests, I have to manage time by my own to make progress with my research in this whole year. Also, different from learning about a subject where there is always a teacher telling you how to solve problems, doing research is a process during which you have to find your own goal and try to approach it with what you know. This year was full of frustration when my research stuck around and satisfaction when I made any little progress. I believe I have gained a lot during this process.
Also, in our lab, there are peers, senpais (senior students), and researchers who are much older than me. Spending every day with these diverse members is really interesting and beneficial for me. There are many regular events in this lab, too, such as playing baseball against other labs, joining bridge making competition, making curry together, and so on. Life is colorful every day.
I am glad I entered this lab and spent one year with these awesome members.

wang blog photo

Jan 07, 2015

Zhang GuoyuIt’s my second year since I became a student of Kyoto University, and I would like to share my experience with you about my second semester as a sophomore.

I like J-pop and especially Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume from producer Nakata Yasutaka, so I went to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert on October with my friend. It’s very interesting and she was so attractive that everyone in the stadium dancing with her.

From the end of December, the holidays started, and it’s also my second new year in Japan. I went traveling in Chūgoku region in Japan. Mainly I went to sightseeing spots like Tottori Sand Dunes in Tottori Prefecture, Izumo Shrine in Shimane Prefecture, Kintaikyo, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Miyajima, Itsukushima Shrine, and Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima Prefecture. From my traveling, I understand better of Japan through many different and similar points comparing with my country. One of the most interesting things is that the idea of Kintaikyo Bridge in Japan came from another bridge of the same name in West Lake, Hangzhou, China, where I grew up. These two bridges became friendly bridge in 2004 and if you went to Hangzhou, you could see a curved stone showed it. Also I find it became different when I observed bridge in a civil engineering student’s point of view.

In the final day of 2014, I ate Japanese food of New Year, Osechi, Sushi and fried chicken with my friends, and we watched the annual music show Kōhaku Uta Gassen.
Thanks to this program, I had unique and wonderful two years in Japan.
As the second year in Japan passed , my new adventure in Japan is coming, and I believe my classmates and I will become better and enjoy our lives in Japan.

Zhang Blog Image

Dec 01, 2014

Ryo Tonda portraitI stayed in Laos for two weeks to join the road construction internship program in Obayashi-Obayashi Road Joint Venture in September.
The project is about the improvement of national road in Laos. I learned a lot about one of the processes of it, paving the road.
I would like to introduce my valuable experience of the internship while focusing on two points: the challenges of working abroad and knowledge of civil engineering.

Difficulties are inevitable when we work abroad because of the dissonance between working conditions in Japan and those in other countries.

First of all, road conditions are dangerous especially in developing countries. In Laos some staff members gave me a lift to work sites and the office. There were holes and cracks on the road, and they avoided them skillfully. What was surprising is that little children rode motorcycles. What is more, cars, including heavy trucks passed them at high speed. Such road conditions reminded me of Mario Kart.

Secondly, developing counties are subject to poor sanitary conditions. Sometimes people suffer from illnesses. In my case, I suffered from food poisoning from fish in Laos. I learned the fact that food safety is high in Japan from my own experience very well.

Despite of such danger, lack of hygiene and other troubles, staff members work day after day. I was able to realize that civil engineers are so cool.

“Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a famous German writer and statesman.

I would like to restate this in a different way. “Study civil engineering! Also do a civil engineering internship and look at many things! Very interesting!”
Now I study civil engineering in Kyoto University. “Soil mechanics” is one of the major subjects which we learn. It describes the behavior of soil. Some of Soil mechanics lectures provided us the knowledge of “soil compaction”, which simply means the method of increasing the density of soil.
In the internship, I observed the processes of paving. One of them was “asphalt compaction”, which is the process of pressing the asphalt mix by rollers.
Not until this time did I appreciate the importance of the concept of “compaction.”

Looking at the actual construction processes in Laos with using the knowledge acquired in the lectures in Kyoto University really motivated my study. I hope that I will eventually acquire a good knowledge of civil engineering, albeit slowly and gradually.

The memories of the internship are great assets to me. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Obayashi-Obayashi Road Joint Venture, professors and staff members involved with the internship.

Finally I would like to conclude this blog by introducing everyone, especially my juniors to this Goethe’s phrase: Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.

Tonda Internship

Nov 04, 2014

angklung jefryIt has been almost one and half year since I began my journey as an international student in Kyoto University. My life here in Japan has been so awesome. I could experience different culture and meet people from different places. Living here as a student in Japan has also given me an opportunity to introduce Indonesian Culture to Japanese society. One of the Indonesian culture that I have been introducing until now is angklung.  It is an Indonesian traditional musical instrument made of bamboo. Because one angklung only has one tone, to play a song a lot of people are needed.
Last June, me and my Indonesian friends performed angklung in an event Kyoto Sustainable Month. We performed two songs, one Indonesian traditional song and one Japanese song, Heavy Rotation from AKB48. A lot of people came and watched our performance. Some of them were interested in angklung and were asking more about agklung after the performance ended. This November, we had another angklung performance in an event called KOKOKA Open Day 2014 in Kyoto International Community House. We performed three songs; two Indonesian songs, and one Japanese song, Furusato.
Even though it is a hard for me to manage my schedule for my study, part time job and angklung practice time, I feel happy to get the opportunity to learn and also share a lot, not only about the school curriculum but also the social living, traditional culture of Japan. I hope I can continue to learn and share more in the future.

Jefry Blog 2014

Oct 06, 2014

Nobuki Fukui photoIn this summer, interested students in my class signed up for a bridge model contest. I was a member of that contest. We were supposed to make a wooden bridge model. Of course, we couldn’t use any nails. What we could use were timbers and strings sent by Japan Society of Civil Engineers. Actually, such event as this contest is the first challenge for International course students. In the first meeting, we decided the name of the bridge model we would make. We named it “MEJICK”. This name stands for Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Indonesia, China and Kenya. These alphabets are initials of members’ nationalities. We had very hard time for making a bridge model because we hadn’t taken “Structural Mechanics”, which we will take in this fall semester. We didn’t have any specific knowledge about Structural Mechanics such as bridge, dam and so on. Fortunately, we were allowed to use the laboratory in Katsura Campus. We framed trial items and took load test as we groped in the dark. After some experiments, we found several important things. For example, connection parts started to crack when we put around 12 kg. This means the weakest point was connection and we should reinforce. After all, we made models three times. Our final design was a truss bridge. We didn’t select complicated designs because nobody in our team had experiences of making bridge models. Moreover, we could find 6 alphabets, M, E, J, I, C, and K when we saw it from above. To our regret, we failed to get the prize in the contest but we cultivated a better understanding about civil engineering. I hope we make much better bridge model next year !!

Nobuki Blog Photos

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Aug 06, 2014

Jin RuiIt’s been 4 months since I get to Kyoto and it is already the end of the first semester. This 4-month study has become a real great experience for me. I had lived in Japan 4 years when I was a kid and it was the best time of my life. However, this time gives me a new feeling about Japan. This is the new experience of the university students’ life in Japan.

The 1st month was about the school clubs and circles. Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited: freshman would be confused about which club or circle should they choose, and students from higher grades would try their best to persuade freshmen to join them. I joined the hip-hop dancing circle and it was a great experience. Everyone was really kind to me and polite to me, just like all the Japanese do.

Not only about the after-school activities, Japanese students were really hard working during the lessons and also after school. They were hard working on study, and also do part time jobs after school. Their hard working motivates me and makes me work harder and pay attention to every single lecture.

After all, these 4 months were really colorful and enjoyable for me. I think I’m ready to say that I’m very excited that I can stay 4 more years in this university and enjoy more and more colorful experience that is coming up in my life.

Jin Rui photographs

Jul 01, 2014

RosyadI’ve been living in Japan for three months, and it has been really a great experience for me. It feels that the time moves so fast. I just realize that I almost finish the first semester. But anyways, I learned many things by studying at Kyoto University, inside and outside the campus.

I really enjoy the course. Kyoto University provides me many interesting subjects to learn, for example “Exercise and Medical Science”, one of the liberal art classes. There, I learned about diet, healthy life style, etc. Besides, I also have Japanese language class where I am learning Japanese from basic. There are a lot more interesting subjects I am attending. Moreover, what I like the most is that the course encourages me to think logically and be able to communicate well. Actually, it was hard for me to communicate fluently at the first time, but day-by-day it improves a lot by practicing to talk with my friends.

Even though the course sometimes gives me a busy time, there are a lot of interesting things outside campus that could refresh my mind. Personally, I like photography. Living abroad in Japan, I could see many simple things here as something new with Indonesian perspective. People, culture, building, environment, and weather as well, are good object to taken into photos. Furthermore, Kyoto is a beautiful hi-tech and developed city, but still remain its Japanese culture as it was before.

It was really nice to go to some site in Kyoto at the vacation, especially with friends. On the April 19th, 2014, I had a field trip from University to Hieizan Enryakuji Temple, and Omi-Hachiman boat riding. On the 6th 2014, May, Golden Week vacation, I went to Mt. Daimonji, and Fushimi Inari Taisha on same day, with my senior. I haven’t visited another place. But anyway, I feel that every place here is beautiful. So I can take a photo everywhere. This is really enjoyable for me.

Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan is a nice place to live and study in. I am looking forward to having many more beautiful and interesting experiences here.

Rosyad -Kyoto Photo

Jun 05, 2014

Hossam Facial PhotoI’ve been here for exactly 60 days, and lived more than 60 new experiences. I remember my very first day in Kyoto, my tutor picked me up from the dorm and we went to do some paperwork. That was the moment I realized how fantastic Kyoto is. Every mile you cross in this city is like a sightseeing. Temples,shrines,mountains and the river everywhere and let’s not forget the remarkable modernity of Japan as well. So you can easily guess that Kyoto is a real example of mixing the majestic heritage of Japanese culture and the development of the 21st century.

The first visit to Kyodai was on April 2nd. I couldn’t realize that this would be the most dazzling place here until I met some of the seniors and we took a tour in the campus and suddenly I started to experience the secret of the coolness of the university. I started meeting a new friend everyday and we haven’t even started classes yet. On April 8th after a magnificent entrance ceremony and the welcome party, we started our classes. It was then when it got even better. I started meeting new people, making new friends on daily basis. Friends from all over the world. From Europe, (South&North) America, Asia and Australia! I’ve been traveling the world every time I step into the campus.

American Football TeamI wanted to improve my Japanese skills so some seniors suggested to join a circle activity. I joined the soccer circle and it was extraordinary effective to improve my Japanese language ability. One day I’ve received an email saying they need English teaching volunteers for the American Football team, I volunteered as well. These two activities were like a boost to me. They’re like a mixed time of enjoyment, making new friends and improving your language.

I really like it here, the people are so friendly and helpful. I’ve now been making more than 3 friends every single day. I have got used to everything and I even started to feel that I’ve been living here for years. Kyoto University’s International Course is the best opportunity to get world-class education and lifetime unforgettable experience. Especially if your Japanese language is weak like mine.

Hossam photo

May 01, 2014

Zhao Shiyuan PhotoBeing a freshman this year, I am really curious about what Kyoto University and Kyoto are like. And I am here now to start my adventure. I have to say I was always dreaming of being a member of Kyoto University since I was a second grade student in high school. And now, I am honored to be in this campus. Not until the moment I sat in Miyako Messe where the entrance ceremony was held, I could believe my dream became true.

The thing impressed me most up to now is the library in Kyoto University. I can find almost whatever I want to read in the library. At the same time, I really enjoy the peacefulness there. Even when I have no class in the first period, I would like to come early to the library and do some self-study to enjoy the time.

Being in the international course, I can meet people from different countries. Wherever we are from, I feel we are like a big family. Professors, staffs and students, all of us had lots of fun in the welcome party and Hanami. Unlike other courses, we can almost recognize everyone in this course that make us more likely a family. Besides, in the class, whenever there is a problem we do not understand, professors are always so kind to explain it until we understand.

I have been here in Kyoto for only three weeks, but I believe my adventure here in Kyoto will be fabulous in the next four years. I am really looking forward to it.

Zhao Shiyuan photographs

Apr 10, 2014

Samuel facial photoI can barely start describing the events of the past twelve months. However I can vividly recall the last 2 months of my winter break from school. Since I came to Japan, I have enjoyed everything it has to offer from the cuisine, to the culture and the people themselves.

My winter vacation was for two months and during that time I traveled to places all over Japan with my classmates. Having classmates of over six nationalities really gives you a lot to talk about, and during those trips we did exactly that, albeit having loads of fun of course!
On the last month of the winter break, I was invited to the Kyoto Prefectural Office as one of the representatives of international students to oversee a ticket presentation ceremony for a sumo tournament in Kyoto and was lucky enough to have been awarded a ticket. I had never attended a sumo match before, only merely seen it on the sports news so I was delighted by the opportunity I attended the ceremony with a few of my classmates and was at the venue from 8:00am till 3:00pm. I later found out that the ceremony included many other activities like children’s sumo and warming up of the participants on the stage. The wrestlers were very huge and robust yet respectful at the same time. Although in the end the player I was rooting for never won, I was glad I attended the event and got to keep the cushion I sat on as a souvenir.
In conclusion, every semester outdoes the one before, so I can’t wait to see what this semester holds in store. I guarantee this course as a great opportunity for any student who wants to study in Japan whilst still in an international environment because of the wide variety of students.

samuel blog photo

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Mar 07, 2014

taiki ushiyama photoThe other day, we had a field trip to Kyushu. On the first day, there was a symposium for “Global 30”, a program to set up universities opened to the world and we participated in it. In the symposium, what international students feel challenged and what they need were focused and we discussed about the problems and presented its solutions to make our college life more comfortable and sustainable. It was quite fruitful discussion involving candidates from each G30-university.

On the second and third day, we visited construction site of vast landfill and learned about technologies and how it functions, and then, we went to Kumamoto castle and Suizenji Jojuen to cultivate cultural understandings of Japan in a relaxed atmosphere with students and teachers all together. In this field trip, I especially noted that Kyoto University has special environment for study where Japanese and international students are mixed and cooperate each other. For example Japanese students can help international students with their lives or Japanese studies, while international students can help Japanese students with English and other strengths. In this course, we have brisk interaction and we come to understand each culture and what international society is while studying here. In addition, we can form friendships not only among students in the class, but with other international students in Kyoto University, and create intimate connections with teachers. Thanks to this, we will have many opportunities and technology that cannot be experienced nor acquired in Japanese course. It has the best resource and it brings us best student life in Kyoto.

field trip 2014

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Feb 20, 2014

hu facial photoIt has been one year since I came to Kyoto University to study and this experience is really wonderful! I come from Nanjing, China, which somehow, in my opinion, shares a lot of similarities with Kyoto, as both of them used to be the capital and lots of historical sites were preserved. However, studying in Kyoto University is something very interesting and brand new for me. Each April, when the cherry blossom blooms, Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places in the world, giving you the typical Japanese feeling.
Apart from the study, we have great fun here, in Japan. For me, I had several very unforgettable trips with my nice classmates from countries all over the world. In summer, last semester, we went to Shirahama, the seaside. 2 weeks ago, some of us went to snowy Hokkaido, where snow could be found as tall as us, which is definitely a different view from Kyoto and also the place I used to live in. We went by ferry and the condition of the sea was so bad that big waves kept all of us lying in bed, not wanting to eat anything at all. In Hokkaido, we skied and enjoyed wonderful food, most delicious being the buffet of crab (かに食べ放題). Moreover, we went to a hot spring which contains an outdoor hot spring with rocks, pine trees and even snow around. It was awesome!

hu photos

Right after we came back from Hokkaido we went to Kyushu, the ICP trip, and had a nice time there with classmates and senpais (seniors).
In total, study in our program in Kyoto University is full of challenges and fun. My goal is to gain strong competence in civil engineering and I am working hard on it. Kyoto University is an extraordinary university with a rich academic atmosphere and I hope and believe that everyone can seek and realize his/her dream here.

hu photos 2

Dec 27, 2013

evansThe world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. My traveling to Japan offered me a chance to read some of the most exciting pages of this book. Particularly, joining the International Course Program has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to read more of its pages than I can count. Actually each day in this course seems like a journey, one filled with new experiences enriched by the diversity that our world boasts of.
Meeting people from different corners of the globe has helped me appreciate diversity. It is not just the students who are drawn from far and wide, but the faculty as well come from different continents. My faculty for instance hail from Peru, across Europe, all the way to Ukraine. This makes learning fun in that, each professor often adds interesting stories about their home countries that helps you see the same knowledge from new perspectives that you would not have imagined of before. Through them, my mind has traveled to many places and picked new ideas.
Once in a while, I get a chance to visit a new place in Japan. I have been to the bustling city of Osaka in some of its shopping districts like Umeda, Namba, Nipponbashi and the famous arcade of Shinsaibashi Suji. I have also been to the port city of Kobe where I found the Kobe harbor land to be the best place to experience Japanese culture.
Recently, I was in Nagasaki, a city in the southern island of Kyushu. Perhaps this old city, formerly the commercial centre of trade between Japan, Korea and China, is known by many by the dark history it underwent during the Second World War. I first heard of Nagasaki while a young boy in history class. Then, I could only imagine of how terrible it was for that city far away in the East. But now here I was, standing exactly at the site where the atomic bomb exploded. Then this odd feeling just crept in me, “what if suddenly the clock is reversed 68 years back!” I think I grew this fear after emotionally watching inside the museum the images being flashed on screens of the piteous conditions underwent by the victims. It was so sad that I hope no place on earth will be subjected down this path again.
Nevertheless, my most interesting experience was the “Ten million dollar night view”. I was shocked to learn that Nagasaki has one of the best three nightscapes in the world.
As they say, a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. What I value most are the friends I have made as I journey through this course, more so that I’m interacting with a mix of various cultures. Like this semester I was glad to be working on a report for group presentation in Culture class with exchange students from Canada, UK, Netherlands & Israel. Working with them was interesting as everyone brings to the table new ideas of the same subject as perceived in their own cultures.
I have learned not just what people in different parts of the world do, but why they do them tied to their cultural backgrounds. Such knowledge will help me to become a better global citizen. I think with the on-going technological developments, our globe is about to become even smaller and as such it requires of us to be global citizens who can understand each other and work together in solving challenges of today. Indeed, there wouldn't have been a better place to poise myself towards this than studying the ‘International’ Course of ‘Global Engineering’.

Evans Journey

Dec 01, 2013

Atsushi OtaniEvery single day in this International Course is like a small but wonderful adventure. I would like to summarize my 8-months long campus life in this way. It is true that while taking classes in English, I stay in Japan. However, my life here is so exciting with the help of 20 classmates from 8 different countries. I have been indeed inspired not only by their smartness, intelligence, and industriousness but also by their kindness and patience. In classes what I took for granted have often turned out to be not so common. Even an ordinary conversation has provided me with different ways of thinking. Furthermore, on weekends I could come into contact with various cultures. For example, I went calligraphy exhibitions to see my Japanese classmate’s works and to Malam Indonesia to see my Indonesian classmates’ dances in their traditional clothes.
In addition to these interesting events, during the school festival called November Festival, 4 classmates and I had an opportunity to visit Tokyo, my hometown, for 4 days. On the first day we visited Skytree, 634-meter-high tower. We enjoyed a night view of Tokyo from a 450-meter-high deck. I think it was a good experience to know how huge this civil engineering masterpiece is. The next day we went to Tokyo Disney Sea and have a lot of fun by riding many coasters. On the third and fourth day we explored famous towns in Tokyo such as Akihabara, Harajyuku, Shibuya, and Shinjyuku. At the end, we took the Shinkansen, the bullet train, on our way to Kyoto. Overall the trip was interesting for me in that I could see my hometown from different points of view due to their comments or questions. And I hope that the trip was good for them in that they experienced Tokyo and found new things in Japan.
Finally, here I do really appreciate the kindness and efforts of professors, lecturers, staff, my seniors, and my classmates all of who seek to develop this program further.

Atsushi Otani photos

Oct 30, 2013

Kevin photoRemember the mundane days when your teacher told you to fill up your favorite country? Well, the next thing I remembered is that I’m right here in Japan! For being bestowed such golden opportunity to study in one of the prestigious university in Japan, Kyoto University, is really like a dream come true. Unlike metropolitans, Kyoto city is a historical site and a sightseeing city, which makes it less hectic and a suitable place to study. From the above reason, I have visited a few temples and shrines, such as Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji, etc. There are also some breathtaking sites away from the town area, such as the bamboo forest in Arashiyama and hot spring in Kurama. Furthermore, in July, I get to witness an annual festival in Kyoto, i.e. Gion Festival. Other than having various places to visit during the leisure time, university life in Kyodai is tense but lively. I got to get my feet wet on an array of subjects being taught by top-notch professors in Kyodai. However, all fun but no play makes Jack a dull boy, since I am part of the International Course Program(ICP), I got to hangout with my friends from all around the globe. Other than Japanese culture, I’m also being exposed to culture and ethics from different countries. Surprisingly, my friends would hold some activities every once in a blue moon, and I even have the chance to bowl in Japan. Although my scores weren’t that appealing, my friends and I have a lot of fun during the game. Anyway, autumn is around the corner, I am looking forward to witness some spectacular momiji (red maple leave) here in Kyoto!

Kevin Photos

Oct 01, 2013

Indra BlogThere are many ways to get along with homesickness when living abroad. One of best ways is by keeping in touch with people from your country. Here in Kyoto, I am very lucky to meet many students from Indonesia. We, Indonesian students in Kyoto, have lots of activities to do every year such as cycling, fishing and organizing big events. And this year, on September 24, 2013, we held a cultural event named Malam Indonesia 2013 (Indonesian Cultural Night 2013) in Kyoto International Community House. In this event, we would like to introduce the cultural richness of Indonesia to the Japanese people. Also, we donate the profit from this event to to develop libraries in Papua.
This year, our theme is Sumatran culture. We showed variety of dances like Likok Pulo, Tor-Tor, Piring and Zapin, a famous music instrument made of bamboo (angklung) and well-known Indonesian martial arts: pencak silat. We also had a bazaar selling food and souvenirs from Indonesia and Japan.
As the victory loves preparation, we had practiced for our performances every weekend since 5 months ago. I had to work hard, as I am not an expert in dancing or playing angklung.
The D-Day!!
It was the time to show up the results of our hard training. Everybody was ready with their costume, I was quite nervous at that time, but it was not a big deal. From the stage, I saw that the seat was full, lots of audiences!
Applause from the audiences enhances my spirit to show our best. All performances succeeded, in the end, we invite audiences to dance together on the stage.
The tickets and bazaar were sold out; enthusiasm from the audiences was very great. All the hard work has paid off. Now, we are preparing our next big event, an International Conference in Kyoto University on October 19 -20, 2013.

Love Indonesia

Sep 13, 2013

Zhang Lian September 2013How time flies! My first semester in Kyoto University has ended before I knew it. I enjoyed the great benefit of the stay here by experiencing what I did not even imagine before. For instance, living alone in a different country and dealing with daily life by myself made me independent. Besides, I met patient and humorous teachers as well as cute and kind-hearted classmates! The memories of my study here will be a priceless treasure for my entire life.

One of the most unforgettable events is our class trip at the end of this term. After the final exams, we organized a short trip to Shirahama beach in Wakayama prefecture for 2 days to relieve pressure.
We changed trains many times and finally succeeded at arriving to the beach in the afternoon on the first day. Boys could not wait to put on their swimsuits and rush into the sea. After having great fun, we went to izakaya for dinner and returned to the hotel, to play some punishment games with laughter.

Students in ShirahamaOn the second day, we went to a scenery spot named Engetsu Island in the morning. We tried to climb on the rocks and were surprised to find some fishes and sea urchins in the water. Some boys tried to play with them. After that, a number of beautiful pictures were taken there. In the afternoon, we went to the beach again with some classmates who just came. A whole afternoon was spent at the seaside, and we enjoyed ourselves by swimming and playing with a ball on the water. And also we buried two cute boys together in the sand and had a lot of fun while taking funny pictures.

In the end, we even felt it hard to tear ourselves away from the beach! This is our happy ending of this semester. Looking forward to a new semester now! :D

Aug 28, 2013

Kuwata photo for blogOne year and a half has passed, since I entered Kyoto University. When I look back on the school days, I realize they were very interesting and hard days with study. Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to my classmates and the staffs, who are kind and helped me a lot. Without them, I couldn’t have had such great school days. By the way, here, I’ll talk about one of my circle activity.
When I started living in Kyoto, I mistakenly believed that only if I live in Kyoto and belong to international course, I could get opportunities to make many foreign friends naturally. In case of me, however, I didn’t have enough chances to talk with international students after classes, and I understood many of them felt the same way. In order to provide place for culture exchanges, I and some of my friends decided to organize a circle, "Chocolate".
We discussed a lot, made plans for events, passed out leaflets at several universities and held many events, BBQ, cooking party and sightseeing etc. Now, our circle member reached around 100, and half of them are international students. I am glad to hear that members really enjoyed the events and the circle was very good place for communication and culture exchange. We welcome everyone. Let’s enjoy your university life together!!!