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Kento From Japan - April 2016 Admission


November Festival was held in November 19th-22nd. We had a booth and sold pasta. It ended successfully, but we had a lot of troubles behind its success.

 It was in October when we started planning to serve pasta. A new semester had just begun at that time and we had a lot of homework to do. Although we were so busy, we had to try making pasta and check its cost, taste, appearance, …etc. We managed to arrange our schedule and had a test-cooking meeting at Misasagi international house. I was hoping we could finish it in one hour, but actually it took half of the day. We tried so many times..., and finally we were able to make great pasta!

 In the first day of November Festival, we got together at 8 a.m. (even daily first classes start from 8:45!), and we prepared for opening the booth. After that, we worked hard to sell pasta, but there were few people who bought our pasta. We tried to find out solutions: using sign board, showing samples … and so on. Because of changes we made, many people got interested in our booth and we were able to sell a lot of pasta! On each day, we sold all the pasta and this makes us really happy.

 Managing a booth was really a tough work for us, but we had a lot of fun. Thanks to nice leaders, reliable friends, kind sempais (actually, some of our sempai helped us during November Festival), and all the people who involved with our booth, we successfully finished our booth. I heard this was the first time for ICP students to have a booth. Trying new things is always tough, but it’s also always fun. I’m sure we ICP students can keep going ahead with awesome friends!