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Munkhdalai from Mongolia -April 2015 admission

Munkhdalai portraitThe last 3 months of my life has been like a dream, that came true, as studying in Kyoto University was one of the biggest dreams of my life. And as I believe everyday that I spend here living is not a wasted one, as I made many new international friends, did sightseeing, gone on a picnic as well as just simply learning and starting to become one with the surrounding Japanese culture.

And as I have mentioned above, all the classes are totally of an international environment, as I am making friends from all over the world…. Even the professors are all top notch world class researchers from all over the world! Moreover, thanks to the international course program, we – the international students are living together in an international house, which is completely furnished with a great feel of a comfort. Living with students from various countries has been certainly a thing of a great interest for me. And since we have different cultures, lifestyles, food tastes, thoughts and views. I feel as if I am traveling all around the world each and every moment that I spent living here.

Outside the classes, I have joined a basketball circle/club. In which I am the one and only foreigner, yet on top of that the Japanese students of the circle have welcomed me on each and every practice as if I was one of them. And to say the least its helping me improve my Japanese while having lots of fun.

In the end, I would like to say that living in the city where the nature, modernism and the Japanese culture are being held in a harmonic way, as well as being a part of an amazing international community at the Kyoto University is a dream that I have been pursuing for many years. And thus I can say without a doubt that it inspires me to be here, and gives me a confidence in my future contributions to my home country as well. All this is happening thanks to the chance that Kyoto University gave me.

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