Ryoko Araki 2015 admission

荒木さん写真最新版I have graduated from ICP in March 2019. Looking back, I believe that my four years in undergraduate were truly meaningful because of the best Professors, supportive faculty staffs,and wonderful classmates.

In basic classes, we learnt how to work as a team by doing group presentation about infrastructures over the world. In advanced classes, professors explained us not only the operations but also the stories behind mathematical equations so that we can understand the topic deeply. After class, we enjoyed going dinner together talking about various things in English; daily problems, cultural differences, social issues, etc.

We also had opportunities to get in touch with recruiters and engineers from Japanese innovative construction companies, such as internships, visits to their research facilities, and meetings with those companies etc.

In the final of the program, each of us had own research topic and wrote a full thesis which could be submitted to international conference or journal. Thanks to my bachelor thesis, now I am preparing to proceed to the Master course in the United States with scholarship.

Each of these experiences are actually hard to be found in other programs except ICP. Pave your roads from Japan towards all over the world!