International Internship in 2015

MAP 2015

International Internship took place from August to September in 2015.
Our 3rd-year students experienced on-the-job training at 5 locations in overseas and 8 locations in Japan.

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Venue Ibaraki City, Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Shin-Meishin Expressway, Aigawa Bridge
Period From August 17 to August 28, 2015
Name of Student TENG, Wai Po Kevin from Malaysia
Kevin Portrait As a whole, this internship was a really beneficial program fromKevin Venue the international course which really enables me to have a more vivid goal in my future research and realized my role as a future engineer. However, I still think that few improvements can be made by me personally and compromises from the internship company to improve my overall experience during my internship. Nevertheless, I am very grateful and relieved to be given the chance to undergo my internship in Japan. I hope that my performance during my internship period satisfied the needs of my supervisor and I do not cause any unwanted trouble while carrying out my tasks.
Name of Student WU, Yuguang
Wu portrait To expand my knowledge of civil engineering, I applied for an internship at a construction company. It was an impressive internship, and my great honor to work with them for 2 weeks. The project we attended is the construction of bridges as a part of highway. During this internship, we could learn the knowledge which is not included in the daily lectures. We mainly study the structure of the bridge, the method to connect piers and spans, and the equipment we always use. Personally, the most impressive stuff was the structural number called Corrugated Steel-Web. I am firmly convinced that this internship will help me a lot to my career of an engineer.
Venue Minoo City, Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Shin -Meishin Expressway Minoo Tunnel Construction Office
Period From  August 24 to September 4, 2015
Name of Student HU, Xinyue from China
Hu portrait

This is the first time that I experience working as a civil engineer. This shows me a vision of working as an engineer and Hu venuealso it shows the working environment and culture of working in Japan. This will, without doubt, be very helpful for me when facing with future career choices. In addition, I can see the application of knowledge learnt in book into practical use. It is a connection of my school knowledge and real world practice.

Name of Student

 KO, Taewhan

Ko portrait

It was a meaningful experience for me. I am not saying that Ko venuethere weren't any problems. There were some issues that made the process inefficient and elongated an one week content into two weeks. Even so, what is more important is whether I learnt anything from it or not. The answer to that question is obviously 'yes'. I have actually observed what I am studying only in books.   Also, I was able to feel the work environment of a Japanese company very personally.

Venue Sakai City, Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Japan Osaka Prefectural Expressway Yamatogawa Route Cut & Cover Tunnel Construction in Tokiwahigashi
Period From August 24 to September 4, 2015
Name of Student PRASETYO, Johanes Jefry from Indonesia
Jefry portrait

The international internship I had in September was a good Jefry venueexperience for me. It allows me to understand the application of the knowledge I learned in the   university in real construction work. I also learned the working environment of civil engineer in Japanese construction company. Even though I have some language problem during the internship because I cannot understand   complicated Japanese terms, the construction site staffs always trying   explain it to me using simple terms. I am thankful to the construction staff because even while they are busy with their works the still spare some time to communicate with me.

Name of Student ELAGATY, Mohamed Abdelsalam from Egypt

 Mohamed portrait

I spent two week in this internship provided by Shimizu Mohamed venueCorporation, one of the biggest construction companies in Japan. It was a very useful experience that made me learn how the knowledge we study in university is applied in real life and made me decide what I want to do in the future. I encountered a huge language barrier in the internship so I want to improve my Japanese but I am very thankful to the company for training me for 2 weeks and making it clear for me what I will do after graduation.
Venue Wakayama, Japan
Name of Project Keinawa Highway
Period From August 24 to September 5, 2015
Name of Student WANJALA, Samuel Comfort from Kenya
Samuel portrait Samuel venueI was glad to have had the opportunity to work inside a Japanese company, since that is a chance many students don’t usually get because of the strict privacy rules in Japanese companies. It was very enjoyable to see fellow civil engineers, some of whom were alumni of Kyoto University doing something that they enjoy and working very hard at it. I got a feel of what my day to day activities would be if I was to join a Japanese company.
Venue Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Numerical Analysis of Liquefaction and deformation of structure using FLIP Program
Period From August 17 to 28, 2015
Name of Student PRATAMA, Rasyid Indra from Indonesia
Indra portrait

It was a worth two weeks of internship program in Hydro-soft Indra venueTechnology Institute Co., Ltd. I learned a program called FLIP (Finite Element Analysis   Program for Liquefaction Process) to estimate deformation of the structure and liquefaction due to earthquake. During ten days of internship, I can see a lot of the application of what I have studied during the lectures. Understanding how the FLIP Program works is like reviewing concepts that I have learned in   the university.I also learned directly from the company's personnel about the Japanese working culture (e.g. how they spend their working time, communicate with each other, how they welcome the guests, etc.), and for me, it was great!

Name of Student ANWAR TINUMBANG, Aulia Febianda from Indonesia
Aulia portrait

This internship gave valuable experiences for me, especially toAulia venue feel the atmosphere of working in Japanese company. Besides we also learned many new   things related to this company's job, such as to predict the seismic analysis of water gate. I realized that the subject I learned in the class is very useful for working. That's why after this internship, I have to learn more and study harder. I am also glad because I got more chance to speak Japanese. Even though the staff are very busy, they still taking care of us. I really highly appreciated all of their kindness.

Name of Student

 ZHANG, Lian from China

Lian portrait

This is an unforgettable experience in my university life. For the first time I get to know how Japanese companies look like. The atmosphere of the office is relaxing and comfortable, and staffs there are hard-working. Besides, they are all kind and patient to us, especially our supervisors, Mr. Tou and Mr. Lee. Both of them are always busy with their work, but still they managed to spare some time guiding us frequently what we should do and providing us with piles of materials both printed and pdf version.

I find out that what we learned in the university is of great importance in work. But only with the knowledge is not enough for work. We need to know the application of theoretical things and put them into practice.

Venue Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Shin Meishin Highway Northern Ibaraki Interchange Construction
Period From August 17 to 28, 2015
Name of Student ANJALA, Evans Odoli from Kenya
Evans portrait

I worked alongside experienced Obayashi corporation's Evans venueengineers at a grand scale civil engineering construction site in Osaka. The lessons I took from   my internship experience are many. I have a better understanding of what civil engineers are tasked to do and how this impacts on society. When this   expressway will be finally opened to the public, my supervisor and I promised   to take a drive on the new infrastructure and share in the pride of having been part of such a challenging project.

Venue Takatsuki City, Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Yobaisan Bridge Site
Period From August 17 to 28, 2015
Name of Student MOYA, Jose Andres from Argentina

Jose portrait

I was able to gain a better insight in the field I want to work in. It became more clear how bridges are built after observing one closely for two weeks. This helped me to dispel a lot of misunderstandings I had in regards to bridges, specially when it came to which materials they use and how they organized them. They had for instance a space to store mateirals where they would separate those that they own from those they rented. The intenrnship does a very good job of familiarizing you with the environment at the company and showing how things are done in the civl field. It provides an interesting and challenging environment in which to test our skills and further improve our Japanese language skills and our social aptitude and ettiqute in Japanese society.

Venue Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Estimation of Japan-Korea-Russia international ferry road for Maizuru Port, Evaluation of a new road planning in Southern part of Kyoto, Evaluation of traffic blank areas in Osaka
Period From August 20 to September 2, 2015
Name of Student JIN, Zhihua from China
Jin portrait

Overall I think the internship was a very precious and unique experience to me, while I felt like it could have been even more meaningful if I had more basic knowledge about transportation, while most of the courses about transportation starts this semester.  In addition, I experienced that even after graduation I still would have to study a lot, looking at how people are working with projects based on previous researches and studies which was a great lesson.

Name of Student

 ZHANG, Guoyu from China

Guoyu portrait

 The staffs in CTI Company were very kind to me, sometimes I can’t get the idea immediately, and they repeated and explained to me in very detail. And I am appreciated that my superiors gave me some unique experience such as conference and local investigation. For me, the International Internship is an unfordable experience. Through the International Internship, I learned new knowledge, and experienced how a consult company concerning civil engineering works.

Venue Sihanoukville Port, Cambodia
Name of Project Multi Purpose Terminal Project
Period From August 16 to 29, 2015
Name of Student FUKUI, Nobuki
Fukui portrait I joined the internship by the construction company mainly Fukui venueengaged in marine constructions. When I visited Sihanoukville port, casting concrete and dredging, which means excavating underwater around the port, were done. I was able to study many skills there. At the construction site, what was explained in the class in university was dealt with so much and directly that I really experienced what I studied. Moreover, I faced a language barrier, difference of custom, and the way of thinking. Then, I realized how difficult and wonderful managing a project and building infrastructure were.
Venue Jakarta, Indonesia
Name of Project Jakarta MRT construction office
Period From August 15 to 29, 2015
Name of Student HAMADA, Yusuke
Hamada portrait They have difficult due to the difference in standards or Hamada venueunderstanding between Japan and foreign countries. This is remarkable in safety and contract branch. Everyone in Shimizu Corporation has pride in and responsibility for their work, when they work abroad. We were strongly impressed at this. This project is the first construction of subway in Indonesia, so local workers have never experienced this kind of work and they are not accustomed to the work. However construction can progress in such a difficult condition. This is because, we think, instruction and supervision which Shimizu Corporation conducts are helpful. Moreover, as constructions progress, we can feel the joy of making objects.
Name of Student  MIYAKE, Shintaro
Miyake portrait  We understood the preparation such as shifting roads before starting the actual construction is as important as main construction. It takes almost the same amount of time as main construction.  Fortunately the time when we went internship corresponded to the high season of MRT project and we could observe many kind of constructions. And through this internship we could get precious experiences, which are given only when we visit the very place. We would like to express my gratitude to the whole people related to the internship for making such a precious experience.
Venue Taipei, Taiwan
Name of Project Daan Tunnel Construction Office
Period From August 30 to September 12, 2015
Name of Student OTANI, Atsushi
Otani portrait International internship was a great opportunity for me to gain real experience needed in a real ongoing project. First of all I was surprised to face the language barrier as Mandarin was the only used language. To avoid/ cope with troubles it is necessary to be able to communicate the local staff quickly and promptly. It taught me a good lesson that English is not always the used language in a foreign country and I need to study a locally spoken language in those cases. Most importantly I was amazed by the knowledge and experience of the staff. I felt that integrated knowledge and experience facilitate this difficult project. I found that civil engineers need ingenuity to hit upon several ideas to tackle one problem. In this sense this internship was a great chance to obtain the experience. Considering the situation of this project and its difficulties, I felt that more challenging project may well await as the tunnels get longer/deeper in the developing cities.
Venue Hai Phong, Vietnam
Name of Project Lach Huyen Port Infrastructure Construction Project (Road and Bridge portion)
Period From August 9 to 22, 2015
Name of Student YAMAMOTO, Shinya
Yamamoto portrait The actual construction work is largely influenced by the environment at the site such as geography and weather (ex. Typhoon, Tide, Temperature). Thus grasping surrounding condition is essential to succeed in construction. Also the overseas construction has many difficulties (Language, Equipment, Worker and etc…) caused by the gap between Japan and Foreign countries. We could see and learn the real situation in actual working sites.
Name of Student TAMARI, Keita
Tamari portrait This international internship broadened my knowledge and understanding of the construction work. Especially the head manager impressed me with the importance of the relationship among workers. The head manager is not only very strict to the workers. He never forgets to have respect to their opinion and to give appropriate advice to them when he scolds. I felt that such attitude is necessary to keep high motivation of workers at the site. I could, of course, deepen the technical knowledge of civil engineering, but also could experience what I can't feel in a university. This internship will be of benefit to my future.
Venue Jakarta, Indonesia
Name of Project Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project in Jakarta
Period From September 7 to 21, 2015
Name of Student USHIYAMA, Taiki
Ushiyama portrait I learned many things thanks to the kind coworkers in the office Ushiyama venueand those who helped me during the internship. At first, I did not know anything about construction. I was not so much interested in soil and structural fields, I did not realize the importance and application of these subjects. I never thought flyover is a kind of bridge structure, for excavation, we need knowledge of soil mechanics etc. before going to the internship. I was taught what is important during college student is to learn why of the phenomena, techniques that are related with civil engineering. The internship broadened my view of future career too. It was very fruitful Internship to me.