International Internship in 2018

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International Internship took place from August to September in 2018.

Our 3rd-year students experienced on-the-job training at 4 locations in overseas and 9 locations in Japan.

Name of Student: KOCA, SULEYMAN DANYEL  from Turley

Koca profile

Venue:Nishinomiya City,  Hyogo

Name of project: Centrifugal Model Test on The Behavior of Caisson Quay Wall During Earthquake 

Period : from  September 3 to 14, 2018

In this internship, we got together with students from Japan and Kiribati and performed experiments using a drum type centrifugal machine. After creating a seawall model, we used a shaking table to simulate an earthquake and observe the effectiveness of various countermeasures under 50G. Although our workplace resembled a laboratory, I gained invaluable working experience. I met wonderful people and enjoyed every second of my time, including working together with our supervisors, having bento together for lunch everyday, and watching Hanshin Tigers live at the Kōshien Stadium. Now that I am a Tigers fan, Go Tigers!

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Name of Student:  MARTINEZ, ISABELLA GALAROSA from Philipine

Venue: Matsubara City,  Osaka

Name of Project: Tokiwa Higashi Cut and Cover Tunnel

period: From August 27 to  September 7,2018

The international internship was something I looked forward to as early as the time I entered ICP. I knew that it would be where I would see the applications of what I learn in the classroom and in the laboratory – and it definitely was. In this internship, I was able to observe how a tunnel is constructed using the cut and cover method. Moreover, I experienced how construction projects in Japan are managed. I was fortunate to have supervisors who were very much hands-on with the project and who patiently explained to me their activities. I am grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to similar opportunities in the future.



 Sahalab profile

Venue: Kochi City, 

Name of Project: Godaisan Tunnel Project

Period: From August 20  to 31, 2018


The internship was a great way to link between the concepts we learn about in university and real-world applications in the field of civil engineering. Being on a construction site was a very insightful experience. It served as an introduction to both working in the field of civil engineering and in Japan. The team I worked with at the internship was very friendly and helped me learn many new techniques in the field as well as provided me with an outstanding time during my stay in Kochi.

Sahlab photo 1






Name of Student: PRADIPTA, NISITA from Indonesia

Nisita profileVenue: Toyama City & Tokyo

Name of Project: Hydro and solar power plants, bridge inspection in Toyama City, Tokyo waterworks

Period: From September 3  to 14, 2018

This internship program has given me an inside glimpse of the multifaceted nature of construction consulting company, especially in Japan, and a valuable opportunity to experience Japanese working environment. I learned about a variety of projects and gained meaningful insights and career advices in civil engineering. I like the idea that the company where I served as an intern has this balance between creating something beneficial, helping the community, saving the environment, and at the same time making profits. I’ve learned that I don’t want to just look for a job. I want a job that makes impacts in meaningful ways.

Nisita photo 1Nisita photo 2

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Abdelhalim profileVenue: Nishinomiya City, Hyogo

Name of Project: Naruohama Research Institute, Toyo Construction

Period: September 3  to 15, 2018


The two weeks internship consisted of one experiment using the beam centrifuge machine. This supplied us with the knowledge of the fundamentals of scale down models testing using the centrifuge. Our case consisted of testing the effectiveness of inserting a sheet pile on limiting the displacement of the quay wall when earthquake induced liquefaction is initiated.

The first photograph shows me inserting a sensor (pore pressure transducer) in the scaled down model.

The second photograph shows the full scale model after it had been carefully lowered and being tightly secured in its place in the centrifuge machine.

 Abdelhalim 1

Abdelhalim 2 


Name of Student:  QI, JIA from China


Qi photoVenue: Tokyo

Name of Project: Tokyo Ring Road Shield Tunnel Construction Project

Period: September 03 to 14, 2018

I joined the internship in Obayashi group for two weeks and I participate the Tokyo Ring
Road Shield Tunnel Construction Project that Obayashi was proceeding.
I’ve learned many things in this two weeks, for example:
1. I’ve took the photographs for the cycle of segments and soil, understand how can we
transport the segment from ground to the tunnel and how did we handle with the soil
that grabbed by the shield.
2. I’ve measured length of part of the projecting road and used CAD to complete quantity statement
3. visited the concrete factory and segment production factory.

Name of Student:  SAKR, MOHAMMED TAREK SAYED from Egypt

Venue:  Uji City,  Kyoto

Name of Project: Amagase Dam redevelopment project

Period:  From September 3 to  14 , 2018

I got to experience the transition from school life to work, which was an eye-opening experience. I experienced how a Japanese workplace operates, and the pace of working as a civil engineer. School does not prepare you for this transition, so I was glad to go through this experience. This internship will help me take more informed decisions for my future career.


 Name of Student: DING, WENQIAN from China

Venue: Kyoto City 

Name of Project: Tsuchibashi Shield Construction

Period: September 3 to 14, 2018

The internship provided students with precious chance to study in the actual construction project, instead of learning theoretical knowledge in the university. And it also gave me chance to communicate and learn from experienced engineers. Meanwhile, we can have cognition about what can we do in our future career and get helped on making choices on the future road.

Ding 1






Name of Student: XING, SHUYU from China

Xing profileVenue: Tsuruga City, Fukui

Name of Project: Hokuriku Shinkansen Miyama Tunnel Construction 

Period: From September 18 to 28, 2018


During the internship in Tsuruga with Mitsui Sumitomo and other construction companies, I had chances to get deeper understanding of the procedure of construction and the management of construction site. I got to know that in the long period of construction, communication among teams and careful consideration on quality and safety are the most important. The internship provided me a valuable chance to have a glance at how the knowledge learned in the university implied in real construction site. This meaningful and enriched experience would help me a lot in my further study and choice of career.



Xing 1








Name of Student:  YANG, ZHIBO from China

Zhibo profileVenue: Moriguchi City, Osaka

Name of Project: Underground tunnel Moriguchi adjustment pond construction in northern Neyagawa

Period:  From September 3 to 14, 2018


During my internship, I learned how to use the measuring tools in a construction site, such as level, transit and some other tools. I also studied how to do the acceptance of equipment and materials. At the construction site, the staff of Shimizu corporation told me the aim of this construction and how to plan it, and how to finish it safely every day. And they told me the role of each link, and even I see how to assemble the segment in the tunnel.

Zhibo 1






Name of Project: LANG, SHUAIXUN from China

Lang profileVenue: Toyama City

Name of Project:  Internship in NIX 

Period: From September 3 to 14, 2018



Generally speaking, this trip of internship of NIX in Toyama is quite excellent and meaningful. Before I started the internship, I had no idea for what kind of work the company does and the difference between the consultant company and construction company. During the two weeks, I have learned and mastered various knowledge and technology on urban design and plan in civil engineering. All staffs are kind and patient. By these lectures and practice on planning and design such as 3D-CAD, AUTOCAD, flood simulation, GIS training and UAV, I have became much more interested in planning and design and also realized that only the knowledge in university is not enough for the future. After this chance, I will work harder to pursue my target.

Lang 2

Lang photo 1







Name of Student:  DO, QUANG TUNG from Vietnam

Do profileVenue: Atsugi City, Kanagawa

Name of Project: Isehara Viaduct Bridge in Shin-Tomei expressway

Period:  From August 20 to 31, 2018


It is important for me to understand the relationship between contractor and owner and how they cooperate with each other by participating the bridge parapet construction and checking process during the internship. Each of step in the construction site should be checked carefully before entering the next step.

The knowledge I’ve got after the internship is not only from the engineers but also from the workers working there. The engineers gave the direction and the plan but the construction workers directly perform the task. In many cases, workers know how to increase the speed of construction but the quality is still preserved. Studying from any person if you want to improve your knowledge is essential points.


Do photo 1Do photo 2

Name of Student:  EBATA, TETSUYA from Japan

Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Name of Project: North-South expressway construction project

Period: From September 3 to 14, 2018

During my internship, I have learned basic concepts of construction management.

Manager is to supervise quality, safety, cost, and schedule. In addition, construction of highway is composed of many processes, and we are to decide how to use devices, how many people works for each process. I can understand this is very responsible and important role of us.


Name of Student: OTA, YUICHIRO from Japan

Ohta profileVenue: Bolikhamxay,  Lao P.D.R

Name of Project: HAM NGIEP 1 Hydroelectric Project

Period: From September 1 to 14, 2018


This internship gives me another view of thinking about construction works. Everything was new for me and I can understand how to plan and manage to construct something (in my case, especially about dam). In addition to that, all staffs not only Japanese but local people are very kindly for me and I can heard a lot of things such as what’s working in company especially in foreign country or difference of construction management between Japan and developing countries.

These things help me to think about my carrier seriously and I can’t learn these things at university or from textbooks. Thus, I am very grateful for all people related to this internship. 

Ohta photo 1






Name of Student: TAKAMI, KENTO from Japan

Takami profileVenue: Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Name of Project: Lach Huyen Port Infrastructure Construction Project (Package 10)

Period: From August 13 to 24, 2018


This project aims to protect the Lach Huyen port by constructing a revetment and a sand protection dyke. The contents during the internship includes lectures, laboratory experiments, observation of the sites and so on. What I remember the most is about the safety. Since the construction site has a lot of risks of accidents, the workers have to reveal them. They have safety patrols once a week and try to prevent from accidents. I was surprised to know that they had no accidents so far. This internship was a good opportunity for me to think about my future career.



Takami 1Takami 2


Name of Student:  NAKANO, AKARI from Japan

Nakano profileVenue: Hai Phong City, Vietnam

Name of Project: Lach Huyen Port Infrastructure Construction Project (Package 10)

Period: From August 31 to September 14,2018


This internship was a valuable experience for me. It was the first time I had seen a construction site, so everything was fresh. It was a precious opportunity to listen to people working abroad. I have learned a lot of things not only related to engineering but also work environment in a different culture. I realized how communication is important to progress the work smoothly. I feel this internship broadened my views and this experience will be helpful for my future. I would like to express my gratitude to the people who have supported me.


Nakano photo 1Nakano 2


Name of Student: HORIUCHI, KOUHEI from Japan

Horiuchi profileVenue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Name of Project: North-South Expressway Construction Project J1 Package

period: From August 12 to 24, 2018


nteracting many Japanese and Vietnamese engineers, I realized they feel satisfied with their job. This internship made me find lots of my immature parts, and willingness to join a construction company in the future.



Horiuchi 1Horiuchi 2


Name of Student: RYO, TAKUYA from Japan

Ryo profileVenue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Name of Project: North-South Expressway Construction Project PK J3

Period: From September 3 to 14, 2018


In this internship, I learned two aspects in construction --- visible and invisible.

Visible part was practical construction methods.

However, invisible part was more impressive to me. Japanese managers always consider “Safety” “Quality” “Schedule” and “Cost”. Although they are invisible, all of them are indispensable for succession in construction projects.

Thanks to SUMITOMO MITSUI CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. and facility members of international course, I learned fundamental conceptions for my carrier in construction companies.

Ryo 1

Ryo 2