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On the June 18th, I took part in the Welcome party for the foreign students in Kyoto University. This essay is just about some interesting stories during the party and my expectation for my university life.

When I received the notice of the party, I was very excited and looked forward to it. Because I am keen on making friends and the president attends the party. Moreover I received the mail to ask me whether I would want to be the representative to answer the question, to be honest; I was very surprised to be chosen as the one of five representatives to answer the question. Even though it is my honor and I was proud of myself, I was nervous. It is a good opportunity but also I have to talk to hundreds of foreign students and the president. The question that why I choose Kyoto University was most common question for all of students in the university also it was the most valuable question if we want to spend an unforgettable university life, it is the most important problem for us.

Lang from China -2016 admission

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