International Internship in 2013

Internship 2013

International Internship took place from August to September in 2013.
Our 3rd-year students experienced on-the-job training at 7 locations in 6 countries overseas and 3 locations in Japan.

Venue Kanagawa, Japan
Name of Project Yokosuka base, U.S. Navy Project
Period From August 26 to September 6, 2013
Name of Student WANJALA, Richard Makokha from Kenya
Wanjala Facial photo

The Internship was an eye opener towards my future Yokosukaas a civil engineer as I got to interact and have first-hand experience with more engineers. I really encourage this kind of activity for the undergraduate as it gives meaning to the class work that they are usually partaking.

Venue Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Eastern site of Minoh Tunnel Project, New Meishin Highway
Period From September 2 to 13, 2013
Name of Student WANG, Ziran from China
Wang Facial Photo I was impressed by the Wang Michael Minohadvanced technology and equipment, and the well done site arrangement as well. Also, I realized the role that class knowledge is going to play in my career and obtained motivation to work harder. Furthermore, I was given lots of valuable advice from staffs and engineers in the site, which I will surely take seriously into consideration when I have to make decision for the future.
Name of Student MBITHI, Michael Kinama from Kenya

Michael Facial Photo

We had the privilege of learning about tunnel Michael Tunnelconstruction technology, quality, safety measures, as well as the various facilities necessary for smooth flow of work during tunnel construction. It was also a great opportunity to be part of a Japanese company and to be able to observe and learn several work ethics. I must also say that this greatly improved our Japanese language communication skills. Aside from that, we also had time to learn more about Japanese culture as we visited one of the company’s engineer hometown in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto.
Venue Ehime, Japan
Name of Project Kanogawa Dam-Tunnel Spillway
Period September 16 to 27, 2013
Name of Student KIM, Daeyoon from South Korea
Kim facial Before I go to the Internship site, I got really stress Kim Ehimeand worries to work there, because I should use Japanese only in the construction site. But It was not a problem and I could understand what they were asking and saying. This internship gave me so many things. I felt the application of study from University is important. I think the University study is a just basic concept for Civil Engineering and to do work with this, I need more study and trying.This internship was a really great experience for me. I know how people work in Construction Company and what I need for these works.
Venue Manila, Republic of the Philippines
Name of Project Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project (ARISP-III)
Period September 8 to 21, 2013
Name of Student YAMAMOTO, Moemi
Yamamoto Moemi Through this internship, I realized there are many Philippinesconnections between the actual project and what I have studied in my university. And I learned what is needed for civil engineers. Furthermore, I could know the flows of project which I can’t learn in academic study. The image of work as a civil engineer became much clearer. It will stimulate my future study. And I could improve my communication skills with foreigners in English. It was a good opportunity to know different culture. All the things I experienced in the Philippines made my perspective broader than before.
Venue Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Name of Project Babraja Interchange Construction
Period August 26 to September 6, 2013
Name of Student GOTO, Daichi
Goto facial I spent two weeks in Brunei as an internship trainee atGoto Brunei a highway interchange construction site. I learned the general idea of how construction projects are carried out. Typical hardness of projects abroad was especially interesting for me. This internship program abroad was established this year for the 1st generation students at international course. I have long been looking forward to taking part in the internship since my 1st year. During this internship, I talked to Japanese engineers, Brunei workers and foreign workers. I really appreciate all the people who helped me for giving me such a great opportunity.
Venue Hanoi, Vietnam
Name of Project Urban railway transportation system : Line 2 project
Period August 23 to September 10, 2013
Name of Student NAGASAKA, Tsuyoshi
Nagasaka facial I worked as a trainee at a Japanese consulting Nagasaka Vietnamcompany. Basically I was taught about consulting company itself and relationship between it and JICA, governments. I also thought about some problems of the project. All of officers are so kind to me, and they kindly taught me anything I asked them. I communicated not only with Japanese but local officers, and it was great experience for me, because it was the first time to contact with local officers at the office, and I realized again that it is necessary to be a good English speaker if I want to work overseas. This program was a great experience for me.
Name of Project Transport Sector loan for national road network improvement in Vietnam
Period August 22 to September 10, 2013
Name of Student KONO, Ketsushi
Kono facial

During this internship, my task was taking lectures Kono venueabout the system of ODA project and site visiting. I had never been concerned about ODA project, but after this internship, I became very much interested in it. I think this internship was very meaningful to me.

Venue Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Name of Project North-South Expressway Construction Project, HCMC-Long Than-Dau Giay Section
Period September 9 to 20, 2013
Name of Student KAWABE, Daigo
Kawabe facial Two weeks of the internship was short, but the thing Kawabe HCMCwhich I got was very big. The specialized field that I learned at a university was just practiced in the real construction spot and was able to get deeper knowledge. The fascination and the reality of working abroad as the Japanese civil engineers were beyond my expectation. This internship was very meaningful for me to consider my future plan.
Venue Savannakeher, Laos
Name of Project The Project for Improvement of National Road NO.9
Period August 26 to September 7, 2013
Name of Student MISHIMA, Koji
Mishima facial

It was very precious experience for me. This was myMishima venue first time to work in a company. Working is different from what I did in schools and university. For what I have done ever as a student, it was my responsibility, so if I failed or mistook, it puts only me to inconvenience, but the manager has the responsibility to what I did in the work. This point was very impressive for me. And observing how the project progress, I come to be able to imagine how I will work in a company in the future more clearly.

Venue Jakarta, Indonesia
Name of Project The Urgent Rehabilitation Project of Tanjung Priok Port
Period From August 26 to September 6, 2013
Name of Student MITSUYOSHI, Yasuo
Mitsuyoshi In this summer, I experienced a part of port Jakarta Portconstruction in Indonesia spending almost all day with Japanese engineers. Through training at the site, communication with local engineers and life with Japanese engineers working around the world, I have got the clear vision of working all over the world as a civil engineer.
Venue Istanbul, Turkey
Name of Project Marmaray Project
Period September 4 to 20, 2013
Name of Student SHIMIZU, Yuma
Shimizu facial I joined this internship to know working at construction Istanbul -Shimizusite abroad concretely.
This internship was very meaningful for me. I learned how to construct tunnels with seeing the Bosporus strait tunnel and how to cover concrete at real construction site and so on. I will be trying to this experience into something positive in my future.
Name of Student KURASAKI, Ryo
Kurasaki facial

The experience in the internship motivated me to studyKurasaki venue more about civil engineering. Both at the construction and office, I felt the passion and proud of constructing important tunnel which will bring benefits and prosperity to whole Turkey. As I want to contribute to developing countries in my future, getting involved in this Marmaray project gave me a clear vision of working abroad.