International Internship in 2014

Map 2014

International Internship took place from August to September in 2014.
Our 3rd-year students experienced on-the-job training at 5 locations in overseas and 5 locations in Japan.

Venue Tokyo, Japan
Name of Project Bolivia – Information Collection and Confirmatory Investigation Regarding Urban Transport Planning
Period From August 25 to September 5, 2014
Name of Student ZHU, Feng from China
Zhu facial Tokyo 2014It was a really precious chance for me, to see the practical application of the knowledge I have studied so far, to see how a company in Urban Planning field works and to experience the business career life in a central business district in Tokyo. With the things I saw and felt then, the internship has given me the clues and enlightenments to me, showing me the possibilities of the work and career in the field which I am studying, and encouraging me to keep on thinking and to find out the way to further my future study and career.
Venue Kanagawa, Japan
Name of Project Military Projects at United States Navy Fleet Activities Yokosuka
Period From  August 25 to September 5, 2014
Name of Student PARK, Joo Byung from Korea
Park facial

Park internshipFrom tunnel repair, sea wall construction, to structural renovations, each project is unique and enriching on its own. The main target of this internship was to engage in an in-depth study of construction contracting/management, to observe ongoing renovation (Project B3008), and to analyze the methods and solutions of completed projects. The objectives were fully and successfully achieved thanks to Obayashi Corporation and its staff, and the countless lessons learned here will remain both in my mind and heart for the rest of my life.

Venue Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Eastern site of Minoh Tunnel Project, New Meishin Highway
Period From September 1 to 12, 2014
Name of Student DARU, Gerry Tri Satya from Indonesia
Daru Facial

Daru InternshipInternational Internship 2014 program provided us very good opportunity to experience and learn the implementation of Civil Engineering-related knowledge in the construction site. At the beginning, it seemed that the work was very hard, but it was not a problem as long as we could enjoy the work and situation. The good environment of the work was what I enjoyed the most in this internship, even under many pressures. The good communication between the workers creates very enjoyable work environment and helped us in understanding the purpose of construction in this internship. I feel very happy that I choose civil engineering and become more motivated to contribute to the society.

Name of Student WASI, Bagaspati from Indonesia

Wasi facial

Wasi InternshipOverall, the internship was being a precious experience. New knowledge, skills and information were gained during the internship. During the internship, the professional field works of engineer, their duty, responsibilities and the working environment were introduced. Related to my study, I learned more about the structural design, project management and analysis of plan for the whole construction.In this internship as well, I learned that there are also nature conservation spots that should be considered before constructing infrastructure. This has purpose to regain the nature stability. Therefore, despite the developing of technology, the nature can still be preserved.
Venue Kyoto, Japan
Name of Project Amagase Dam, Uji City
Period From August 18 to 29, 2014
Name of Student ANGGRAINI, Laurensia Marcelina from Indonesia
Anggraini facial Anggraini Internship Through this internship program I learned a lot of things which I have not learned, such as the tunneling method, surveying, and CAD. This internship gave me a better understanding of the relationship of what I learned at the University and the real practice at the work field. Furthermore, this internship improved my Japanese language communication skill, since I heard a lot of Japanese conversation and even some of the explanations were partially in Japanese and partially in English. This internship is a valuable experience for me.
Venue Osaka, Japan
Name of Project Expressway Yamatogawa Route
Cut & Cover Tunnel Construction Site in Tokiwahigashi
Period From August 18 to 29, 2014
Name of Student SUI, Ruoqi from China
Sui Facial Sui InternshipDuring the 2 weeks, I feel I understand better about civil engineering. It is real fun to see what we learnt during lectures can actually apply and based on these knowledge we can construct such magnificent infrastructure, yet what we learnt is so plain that it is necessary for us to experience a lot more to be able to think and manage in a way which takes each aspect related to a project into consideration. I find this internship very meaningful for making me understand all of these.
Name of Student ZHANG, Tengyue from China
zhang facial Sakai 2014The background is that in the central urban area of Osaka, traffic problem become quite serious now so that a new loop route, the Osaka Urban Renaissance Loop route is designed. As a part of the new loop route, the Yamatogawa Route directly links the coastal areas in southern Osaka to inland area, which indicate that more vehicles can go to inland area without passing through the central urban area of Osaka and truth is convinced that traffic problem will be reduced definitely.
Venue Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Name of Project Babraja Interchange Construction
Period From August 27 to September 6, 2014
Name of Student KUWATA, Mitsuaki
Kuwata Facial Kuwata InternshipIn this internship, Tobishima corporations provided me many opportunities to do many kinds of test in the site, and I was so surprised that what I had learned in lectures in university was directly used in the real site. Not only using known knowledge, I learned many new knowledge and application of the knowledge in this internship. All the staffs were very nice to me, and kindly answered all of my questions clearly. Through this internship, I realized the importance of the civil engineering and it directly connects my motivation to self-study from now on.
Venue Savannakeher, Laos
Name of Project The Project for Improvement of National Road NO.9
Period From September 8 to 19, 2014
Name of Student TONDA, Ryo

Tonda facial

Tonda InternshipI had a lot of precious experience and learned a lot of knowledge about road
construction by experiencing the internship: the contents of the national road in Laos, process of Quarry and Road work, how compaction is conducted, how serious overload is, and how difficult to conduct construction in developing countries is.

I study civil engineering, and I got to realize that civil engineering knowledge is applied to actual constructions.
Absolutely it became more fun to study civil engineering.

Venue Jakarta, Indonesia
Name of Project MRT Jakarta CP104/105
Period From September 1 to 12, 2014
Name of Student From ISHII, Tatsunori
Ishii Facial

Jakarta 2014I really appreciate this valuable opportunity which allows me to learn how workers at construction contractors work in an overseas urban big project and think out what kind of career I take after my graduation. This kind of lesson is quite significant because you can learn what you do not learn in classrooms.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to workers at the site and professors who prepared these precious opportunities for every student interested in internships.

Venue Bangkok, Thailand
Name of Project The Chao Phraya River Crossing Bridge at Nonthaburi 1 Road Construction Project
Period From August 18 to 29, 2014
Name of Student YAMAMOTO, Kodai
Yamamoto Kodai facial Yamamoto Kodai InternshipI experienced two different jobs. I was working as a construction manager at the site for the first week. After one week, my main job was to learn how to design and monitor the bridge. In addition to this, I was observing different bridges above Chao Phraya River which are constructed by SMCC during my internship.
The construction site was so respectful and international that a civil engineer could improve their engineering skills as well as communication skill. I learned the viewpoint of engineering through construction team and design & planning team and how they manage the project overseas.