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Messages from Students and Alumni

Hiroyoshi Kimura (2007 Graduate)

Until now we have been discharging large quantities of waste as a result of the mass consumption of resources to sustain our comfortable ways of living. As a result, we are now faced with serious global issues such as the shortage of resources and environmental destruction.

I wanted to devote all my energy to solving this problem, especially the problem with resources and energy, so I chose the Resources Engineering Course within the Global Engineering Department. I have focused my research on methane hydrate, of which there are large buried quantities and can be considered as an alternate source of energy, as well as the structure of CO2 hydrate which is notable for its stabilizing effect on carbon dioxide. I am working on my research daily to achieve an energy supply system that is environmentally friendly.

Global Engineering covers a wide range of studies, so I am sure there is a field of interest for everyone.