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When entering the Global Engineering Department, the first and second year students must enroll in Natural Sciences courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics and Math from the shared curriculum as the basis for engineering. They must also choose from Social Sciences subjects such as language study and humanities to gain a broad education. Other subjects include basic Engineering Department subjects (the base of specialty studies from third year) and subjects to help grasp the general concept of Global Engineering. These subjects are the contribution of the Global Engineering Department.

During the transition to the third year of undergraduate studies, the students will be separated into one of three groups: Civil Engineering course, Environmental Engineering Course and Resources Engineering Course. After the course is chosen the students will continue studying specialty subjects related to their course until graduation. From fourth year, students will be assigned to various specialty laboratories in the graduate program relating to Global Engineering. They will touch on recent research in their respective fields by practicing special research (writing their graduation thesis).

Although the fourth year of undergraduate studies is a time to decide on a career or the direction to take after graduation, the majority of the Undergraduate School of Global Engineering students decide to move onto the master's course to acquire more specialized knowledge and improve research and office skills.