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Undergraduate Course Programs

Undergraduate Course Program of Civil Engineering

明石海峡.pngJapanese Civil Engineers have successfully completed the many boastful projects to the world, such as the Kurobe Dam, Seikan Tunnel, Kansai Airport and Akashi Bridge, and realized the dream of people. These structures will surely become historical symbols of today's Civil Engineering as well as an inheritance of modern culture. Civil Engineers also play an important roll to accumulate the technologies and knowledge for disaster prevention and the preservation of present civilization from such natural disasters as floods, droughts, earthquakes and storms.

Civil Engineering contributes to the maintenance and preservation of the infrastructure that is the basis of civilization as well as the creation of safe and pleasant communal spaces in the harmony with nature.

Undergraduate Course Program of Earth Resources and Energy Science

新資源.pngHumankind has built up an advanced civilization by utilizing the various mineral resources and energy resources that exist in the earth crust. However, now we are confronted with the problem about our own existence, because the natural resources are being exhausted and the environment is being destroyed by the mass consumption and mass production of them. The Earth Resources and Energy Science bearing the investigation, development, production and purification of the natural resources must offer some solutions to such the problem of civilization crisis. The Earth Resources and Energy Science must contribute to the saving of mineral resources and energy resources, the recycling of them, and the other effective utilization of them, and also, it must contribute to the development of new resources as well as the development of innovative methods to utilize the earth crust.


Undergraduate Course Program of Environmental Engineering

二酸化炭素排出量.pngThe health and life of us are now being threatened by environmental problems in atmosphere, water and soil. Environmental problems should be a task that we must tackle d by humanity concerning the existence of humankind. This type of engineering is for the contribution to the development of engineering technology that offers practical solutions to these environmental problems. It should also offer the foundation for a safe and rich city life. Environmental Engineering is also a type of engineering that synthetically designs spaces for the survival of humans by combining various factors such as the assessment of social policies and scientific technology and the philosophical plans for the conservation of the environment. Environmental Engineering aims to produce a harmonious, symbiotic and recycling society from a long-term and broad-ranged perspective.