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The twentieth century can be characterized by a rapid increase in population, advances in industrial technologies that have supported and enhanced human life, and mass consumption of natural resources, as well as emerging environmental pollution problems as a result of the technological development and global industrialization. Now that the door has been opened to the twenty-first century in such a state, we must develop plausible solutions for our civilization by reconstructing and combining various fields of study based on new ideas on humanity and the environment – a new global image.

We have proposed a "Global Engineering" as a practical science to construct a new cultural form and to solve the emerging problems based on the new global image.

The Undergraduate School of Global Engineering consists of three courses: Earth Resources and Energy Science, which focuses on the engineering systems of the essential resources and energy needed for the management of civilization, Civil Engineering, which focuses on the engineering systems of the infrastructure that acts as the basic support for civilization, and Environmental Engineering, the engineering systems that create an equilibrium between human and the natural environment.