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Science Education and Research

Global Engineering consists of the direct interaction between three sections of engineering. This includes <Resources Engineering>, which is responsible for the technical systems of energy and resources which are needed to conduct civilization, <Civil Engineering>, which provides the technical systems for the infrastructure that supports the basis of civilization, and <Evironmental Engineering>, which offers the technical systems which sustains the co-existence of people and the natural environment.

In the School of Global Engineering, we provide first- and second-year students with subjects for the students to grasp the overall picture of global engineering and to cultivate comprehensive viewpoints. Also we provide them with subjects for development of basic scholastic ability of mathematics or engineering which are required in their specialties.

Students in third and fourth years will be grouped into various courses such as Civil Engineering, Earth Resources and Energy Science, and Environmental Engineering for the acquisition of technical knowledge and practical skills that will be needed in their individual fields. Each course has positioned their own engineering and is serving to produce individuals who will flourish in these fields.