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Website Policy

This site is managed by the administration committee of the Kyoto University Engineering Department School of Global Engineering homepage. For questions and opinions about this site, please refer to the contact information listed on the Contact page. The laboratories links on this site are each the responsibility of the individual labs. Please refer o the contact info on their individual sites.


This official site may change its URL or contents without notice. Also, links may not be accepted depending on the contents of the page or the link method. This site denies any responsibility concerning problems that may occur while posting a link. If the above conditions are approved, links may be posted freely.

User Information

This site may collect personal information for the use of returning collected data, implementing questionnaires, or for answering questions. In these cases, the personal information collected will not be used in any way exceeding the intended purpose. However, these limits may not be applicable in the case of a decree by law or if the user accepts.